Launch of the C-300 missile


Poland wanted to change the American "Patriot" to the Russian S-300

There were calls in Poland to get rid of the useless American Patriot air defense systems in favor of the Russian S-300s.

Contrary to the fact that Washington delivered several Patriot air defense systems to Poland, in this European country, they declared the need to get rid of the American air defense / missile defense systems and replace them with Russian S-300s. The reason, according to the opinions presented, is due to the fact that the Patriot air defense missile systems do not have the capabilities that can protect the sovereignty of the country, compared to the Russian S-300s, which have a range of target destruction of up to 250-300 kilometers.

The mass of negative comments regarding the American Patriot air defense systems was directed to the article of the publication “Defence24”, Where much support was sent to the same Iraq for its intentions to protect its sovereignty with the help of Russian weapons, despite the enormous pressure from Washington.

“And how is the purchase of medium- and short-range air defense systems in Poland? A few years ago, the government spoke about this almost every day, but today what ??? Two Patriot batteries to show at the parade and that's it ??? ”

“Baghdad’s authorities once tried to get close to buying the S-300, but it was Washington’s actions that ultimately blocked the contract at the time.” But now the position of the "shepherd" in Iraq has significantly weakened, and most likely this deal (unless, of course, an agreement is reached between Iraq and Russia) will no longer be blocked "

“The existing configuration (Patriot systems in Poland - approx. Ed.) Works only by sector. So for our needs it has become completely ineffective. See the actual assortment of Iskanders? Thus, targets located relatively close to the Iskander can easily be attacked from any position. In addition, it’s very unlikely that the Patriots will protect us from anything, because at the same time we leave so many other gaps in the defense ”

According to the estimates of ordinary citizens, the US-made Patriot can carry out very limited tasks in very limited conditions.

It's funny to buy S-300 from Russia to defend against Russian Iskanders. In my opinion this is a diagnosis!