After Beijing's threats, Chinese warships are seen moving towards the US border.

The PRC authorities, as promised, sent warships to the US borders.

A group of warships of the PLA Navy headed towards the American coast. This happened after the American missile destroyer Benfold invaded the territorial waters of the PRC, and Beijing announced that it was sending its warships into the territorial waters of the United States.

At the moment, it is known that at least four warships of the PLA Navy are moving towards the Aleutian Islands. The latter went to sea at the end of last month, however, the advance towards the American borders began just a few days ago.

Considering the incident that occurred last week, experts believe that Chinese warships will conduct their military maneuvers precisely near the American islands, since when approaching the mainland of the United States, Chinese ships will have to face superior forces, and today in the Aleutian Islands there are no threats to the PRC.

Since the beginning of this year, the confrontation between the United States and China has increased significantly, which causes serious concern, since this could lead to a full-scale military conflict, which, by the way, Beijing had repeatedly warned Washington about.