Pskov Governor Vedernikov reported on attempts by NATO drones to violate the state border

NATO drones tried to enter the airspace of the Pskov region.

Due to the fact that the Pskov region is located on the border with NATO, it became known that the military of the North Atlantic Alliance repeatedly attempted to invade the airspace of the Russian Federation with unmanned aerial vehicles. Attempts were made even before February 2022, however, at the moment the situation has escalated quite strongly, which cannot but cause concern.

According to the Governor of the Pskov region Mikhail Vedernikov, we are talking about military-type drones. At the same time, Vedernikov stressed that attempts were made by other aircraft, although he did not specify their type.

“The Pskov region borders on three states at once, two of them are part of the NATO bloc ... Today they are very fond of talking about how the alliance strives for peaceful coexistence with us, our president has repeatedly denied this ... The Pskov region has also repeatedly been subjected to such a NATO policy of "good neighborliness" . We have never spoken extensively about this, but there have been attempts to illegally cross the border by military drones and other aircraft. All this "peaceful interaction" was in bloom even before the start of the special military operation, and it is clear that now everything has become even more aggravated"- said the governor of the Pskov region.

It is known that all such attempts were successfully suppressed by the Russian side, however, the risks of NATO military drones breaking into Russian airspace remain very high, especially given the attempts to carry out sabotage against Russia in the regions and regions bordering Ukraine.


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