The frightening sound of the Russian Su-57 delighted the Network

The strange sound of a fifth-generation Russian fighter jet both frightened and delighted the Web.

The popular Russian blogger "Fighterbomber" has published a video showing the flight of the Russian fifth generation fighter Su-57. During the flight, the combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces emits a truly strange sound, which at the same time frightened and delighted netizens.

In the Chinese segment of the Internet, they drew attention to the fact that the sound of the Russian Su-57 is no longer characteristic of any combat aircraft in the world, and rather resembles an air raid signal, as if warning the enemy that large-scale strikes will now be inflicted on it.

“The Su-57 makes a sound like an air raid warning. A great reminder to the enemy that he will soon be destroyed and a very good psychological factor. "

"The Russians decided to put a UFO engine on the Su-57 ?!"

“Remember this sound! The next time you hear it, just try to find cover, because the fighter is unlikely to be detected by your radar. "

It should be noted that in addition to the unusual sound of the engines of the Russian Su-57 fighter jet, the volume of the aircraft is significantly lower than that of other Russian combat aircraft. This can also affect the low signature of this combat aircraft.

Sounds nice...

The sound is actually different. quieter the power is felt.

And besides the sound - what? Where is at least a SECOND plane in the army? And the first is still in the PERSON, and not in the parts of the Aerospace Forces. Or are they all invisible?

On the contrary, you can hear very well

Maybe this sound indicates a malfunction of the engine?

Why is he flying over the residential area? ....

Well, this is a classic: if you heard the sound of a bullet, then it flew past ...

The pilot just forgot to close the window

Well, that's right, we reduce the sound of the aircraft, as in civil aviation, so that you can fly over Europe. This aircraft has even lower CO emissions. All for the sake of ecology))



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