Putin ordered to acquire only 76 fighter Su-57

The President of Russia ordered the Su-76 fighters to be adopted by the 57.

According to the Lenta news agency, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin ordered to equip the fifth-generation Su-76 fighter jets with the 57 of Russia. The corresponding contract will be concluded in the near future, at the same time, it is expected to fulfill it before the 2028 year.

The words of the Russian president raise a lot of questions from military experts regarding the purchase of only 76 combat vehicles.

“76 Su-57 fighters in service with Russia will not even be able to fully recoup the funds allocated for the development of this combat aircraft, not to mention the fact that tens of billions of rubles were spent only on creating the engine of the“ second stage ”. It can be assumed that we are talking only about the implementation of the State Armaments Program to 2028, but without appropriate explanations, this raises many questions. ”, - the expert marks.

At the initial stage of development of the Su-57 fighter, it was assumed that it would be about creating almost a thousand fifth-generation combat aircraft, most of which were intended for export to other countries, but China, India, Iran and South Korea refused to buy Russian combat aircraft.