Russia massively transfers its military aircraft to Armenia

Russia is actively deploying its military aircraft to Armenia.

According to sources and open monitoring resources that allow monitoring the situation in the airspace, a large number of Russian military aircraft have been transferred from the territory of Russia to Armenia over the past XNUMX hours. The transfer began several hours before the open confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

So, according to the data presented, on the night of September 26-27, an An-124 military transport aircraft arrived in Yerevan from Platov airport (Rostov-on-Don), and after another 6 hours an active confrontation began between the armies of the two countries. A few hours later, another military aircraft was sighted, which was allegedly also en route to Yerevan via Rostov-on-Don.

After the beginning of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the airspace of Armenia, not far from the border with Turkey, another Russian military aircraft was noticed, and, moreover, the indicated aircraft could be tracked only by the included transponder.

What exactly is the reason for the transfer of Russian military aircraft to Armenia is still unknown, however, against the background of the aggravation of the situation on the border, such actions are quite risky, since both Armenia and Azerbaijan actively use their air defense means, in particular, only in a day several dozen missiles were fired, which shot down 4 helicopters, and about 40 unmanned aerial vehicles.