Russia hinted to the United States about the imminent "punishment" for strikes on Syria

Russia reminded the Americans who have the most missiles in Syria.

The nighttime US strikes on an Iranian military base in eastern Syria could not be repelled by Russian air defense systems due to the formal absence of air defense systems in the area designed to repel such strikes. Nevertheless, if the United States continues to violate the agreements reached with Russia on de-escalation of the situation, not missiles will be shot down, but aircraft, which the Syrian S-300 air defense systems may well reach.

According to the information that has appeared, the nearest air defense systems capable of repelling bomb and missile strikes by fighters are located 50 kilometers from the area that was bombed by the US Air Force. For obvious reasons, Russia would not use the S-400 complexes for these purposes, just as the Syrian military, who are armed with no less effective S-300 air defense systems, would not do it either. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the United States did not initially warn Moscow and Damascus about its intentions, next time Russia and Syria may use their air defense means no longer to repel an attack, but to destroy aircraft that, in fact, invaded Syrian airspace and could well threaten the Russian and Syrian military, whose bases are quite within an air strike distance.

“Russia can easily help the Syrian military wipe the nose of the Americans by shooting down their planes. The target detection range of the S-400 radars is much higher, and therefore it will be very easy to aim the Syrian S-300 missiles at the target. Russia's statement on this matter is a direct allusion to the subsequent "punishment" ", - said the analyst


Who are you - a firm or a lonely lancer?

The dogs bark - the caravan moves on. There are also electronic warfare systems

Russia supports Iranian militants.

Better to hint to the last opportunity, because. An under-regiment in khmeimim with air defense, which is knocked out by Israeli friends of the amers at once, will be demolished not even in a day ...

Perfectly thought out? throwing "hints" at the enemy. It can always be said that you have been misunderstood.

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This is unlikely, they can come off on the children of our "patriots".