Rocket launch Arctic


Russia unexpectedly tested its superweapon in the Arctic, capable of breaking half of the AUG

The Russian military has begun testing its "superweapon" in the Arctic.

Against the background of increasing NATO military pressure on Russia, the Russian military unexpectedly announced the beginning of tests in the Arctic, as one of the most vulnerable regions on the Russian border, of the latest weapons. We are talking about MRK "Karakurt", one blow of which is capable of breaking half of the enemy aircraft carrier strike group, reflecting an air raid and repelling a nuclear missile strike.

“The Russian military will conduct tests in the Arctic of a new modification of small missile ships (MRK) of project 22800 Karakurt of the Odintsovo series. Today MRK 22800 are the most modern ships of this type in Russia. "Karakurt" is armed with a naval version of the Pantsir-M anti-aircraft missile-gun complex (ZRPK). According to experts, "Karakurt" is perfectly adapted for service in the White and Barents Seas ", - the Russian information publication "Russian Planet" informs about it.

The Karakurt RTOs are armed with 8 Caliber cruise missiles, a strike, one of which can easily inflict such critical damage on an enemy ship that the latter will simply fail and will not be able to take part in combat missions. If necessary, a simultaneous strike with eight cruise missiles on an aircraft carrier can be inflicted, and in this case, the enemy's warship will almost certainly be destroyed, and the loss of the flagship will almost certainly crush the entire aircraft carrier strike group.

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