Russia has promised to deploy the most powerful electronic warfare in the Kuril Islands

Russia has promised to deploy powerful electronic warfare systems in the Kuril Islands and jam Japan.

Against the background of Tokyo's aggression against Russia and the demands of the Japanese authorities to give up four islands of the Kuril ridge, the Russian military decided to deploy additional air defense and powerful electronic warfare systems in the Kuril Islands. This will allow not only to conceal the deployment of military facilities, but will also make it possible to successfully suppress military aircraft, drones and ships within a radius of 300 kilometers or more (subject to the use of the Murmansk-BN complexes - editor's note).

At the moment, it is known that Russia plans to expand its military presence on the island of the Kuril ridge of Matua - in addition to the "Bastions" air defense and electronic warfare systems will be deployed there. Today, this region is completely autonomous militarily and is capable of repelling even the most powerful enemy attacks.

It should be noted that after the change of the Japanese prime minister, Tokyo not only does not try to improve relations with Moscow, but also goes into a serious escalation. Probably, it is for this reason that the Russian side decided to additionally strengthen the defense of the country's borders in this direction.

Earlier in Japan, they tried to threaten Russia with the provision of not only political, but also military pressure, including with the involvement of the United States, which, by the way, was observed through numerous provocations of the Navy and Air Force of the United States of America.