Russia will supply 67 Su-35 fighters to an unknown country - the contract amount is 7 billion dollars

It became known about the purchase of 67 Russian Su-35 fighters.

The head of Rosoboronexport announced that following the results of the Army-2020 forum, it is planned to conclude contracts for the supply of Su-35 fighters for a total amount of about $ 7 billion. Taking into account the fact that the cost of exporting one aircraft to China's armament was about 104-105 million dollars, we are probably talking about Russia's readiness to sell about 67 combat aircraft.

“Naturally, we are constantly working on the issues of concluding new contracts for this, as well as for other products we promote with foreign customers. We expect to receive more than $ 7 billion in the medium term from the supply of Su-35 fighters. This super-maneuverable aircraft has all the features to be a market leader. It has high flight performance, is distinguished by high survivability, can carry a large combat load, and with a wide range of the latest guided aviation weapons "- приводит words of the head of "Rosoboronexport" Russian edition "Interfax".

It is noteworthy that the buyer of the Russian Su-35 fighters is not named, however, the largest Russian partners, in particular, we are talking about India and China, abandoned these fighters - China was satisfied with 24 combat aircraft, and New Delhi considers Russian Su-35 unpromising. Nevertheless, there is an assumption that Algeria may well buy a batch of 24 Su-35 fighters, and, probably, the same number is being discussed in relation to Tehran, although there are no official statements on this yet.

Someone saw the contract? Or is it a banal memorandum?

Unknown country Egypt)

if there are no people willing to buy our weapons, then Alzhin wants to. Not too much he wants

China bought the Su-35 for 83 million dollars. The RF Ministry of Defense buys 80 million dollars each. and technology for the production of engines for the Su-35 as a bonus for China. then their 5th generation fighters fly ... not on their own ...

Nothing personal, just business, but the Russian Air Force also really needs the SU-35



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