Russian troops on the border with Ukraine


Russia has deployed destructive weapons on the border with Ukraine

Destructive weapons have been deployed along the border with Ukraine in case of escalation.

According to information obtained by the news agency, against the background of increasing tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border, the Russian side decided to deploy its destructive weapons in this direction, capable of not only suppressing the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the event of escalation and provocations by the Ukrainian army, but also to destroy significant enemy forces, in fact, defeating them.

According to a Western analyst who published photographs of the deployment area of ​​Russian troops, we are talking about destructive Russian complexes and systems, mainly the means of cannon and rocket artillery.

“It looks like we have a tank battalion and a tank company, a 2S3 Akatsia battalion (152 mm self-propelled guns) and 2 battalions 2S19 Msta-S (152 mm self-propelled guns), possibly one Msta-B battery (towed 152-mm howitzer), battery MLRS BM-27 "Uragan", battery TOS-1A "Solntsepёk", 1-2 motorized rifle companies with infantry fighting vehicles, transporters for tanks, etc. ", - said in the material.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the deployed weapons, experts pay attention to the fact that we are talking exclusively about intentions to ensure the defense of their borders, while, in the event of even the slightest escalation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the consequences of a Russian strike will be extremely destructive.

Villages, and people in them on the border are sorry. but all right, so cannon flesh, who did not think about the consequences

Putin said: "Why do we need such a world if there is no Russia in it." And one more thing: "The blow will be dealt on the points of decision-making." And where are the decisions on the destruction of Russia made? Nobody is going to seize the territory of the USA. Remember the proposal of Academician Andrei Sakharov. He created the world's deadliest weapon - the hydrogen bomb. And he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975.
Sakharov proposed to fight the arms race with a paradoxical method. He suggested literally drowning the United States with a directional tsunami.
Most major cities in the United States are located on the coast. And this is a vulnerable point for attack.
A simultaneous explosion of charges in four places - two strikes each in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean will launch a tsunami wave.
The wave height was up to 300 meters. Such a wave from the Atlantic Ocean would sweep away New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami and a dozen other major centers.
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego and other megacities would have fallen from the Pacific Ocean under the onslaught of the waves.
But the project was not destined to materialize. The death of Stalin, the arrest of Beria and the rise to power of Khrushchev led to the termination of the project.
In July 1954, sailors were involved in the work, who would later have to activate this mechanism. The military said that they were used to fighting the soldiers of a potential enemy, and this project was aimed rather at the mass destruction of the civilian population. Khrushchev heeded the arguments, and the project was canceled.
Now "Poseidons" with nuclear warheads lie in neutral waters off the coast of the United States and await a radio signal. The United States will be destroyed in response to the United States' decision to destroy Russia.

It, this very border has always been there. Voronezh region borders on Ukraine. Look at the map, smart guys. I'm 50 km or less.

If for the author Russia is approaching the borders of NATO, then everything is logical - Voronezh is located on the border with 404.

As if artillery battalions have always been divisions. But I do not insist, the author knows better

Since when has the border with Ukraine moved to Voronezh?

It's time to move on to disguise. It is very beautiful to stand unhealthy.

It would be more effective to conduct exercises to detect and destroy "decision-making centers."
Chat, the soldiers are pawns. You need to beat the queen.

Did you collect news at the bazaar again?