Russia relays data from its radars to Iran

It became known about the integration of Iranian and Russian air defense systems into a single network.

Russia has begun relaying information from its radar stations and air defense systems to the Iranian military, who will be able to direct their anti-aircraft missile systems on Russian radars to American drones, fighters and bombers, which allows them to strike air targets even when Iranian air defense systems cannot see them.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Military Balance annual report shows that Iran currently has 32 S-300 units supplied by Moscow since 2016. In addition, Iran also has an extensive air defense network that is very reliable, built on domestic missile systems, as well as on arms contracts with Russia and China. According to the US Department of Defense, Iran's missile forces are among the largest in the Middle East. The S-300 was Russia's main defense system for a long time, but was later replaced by the more advanced S-400. The S-300 can hit 36 ​​flying targets simultaneously at a distance of 120 miles (193 km) through a combination of medium and long-range missiles. According to the Eurasian Times, with all these capabilities, Iran's air defense poses huge problems with modern American fighters such as the F-22, B-2, and even the F-35, even though American and Russian S-300 fighters have never officially met. Russia relays F-22 and F-35! America will have to "fall" in front of the Iranian air defense? ", - about it сообщает information publication "Soha".

It is noteworthy that a number of Russian over-the-horizon radars really reach the borders of Iran, which allows Iranian air defense systems to strike even when it comes to stealth targets, since the same Russian S-300s put into service with Iran are deprived of the opportunity fight the "invisible" planes.

and the Russians are for the Armenians of Karabakh, and against the aggressors.