Bayraktar drone


Russia hit Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 in Donbass

Russia deployed powerful electronic warfare systems along the border with Ukraine and activated them.

The Russian military began to carry out powerful electronic suppression of electronic reconnaissance equipment and UAVs after the Ukrainian military began to actively use their Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles in Donbass. This is evidenced by satellite data, which shows that radio-electronic radiation is so powerful that it causes interference even in the operation of spacecraft.

The presented satellite image shows the chronology of the activation of Russian electronic warfare systems along the Russian-Ukrainian border. The first such case, only among the documented ones, was recorded in July of this year - an unknown electronic warfare system located near Rostov-on-Don began to suppress the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located southwest of the border with the DPR.

Subsequently, another case was recorded on September 29. This time, powerful radio-electronic radiation came from an area located south of Voronezh. Finally, there was a third case, about which the editors of the information and news agency told, mistaking the operation of the electronic warfare systems for the probable activation of the S-400 complex.

In all likelihood, these are far from all cases, since only powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation are recorded by satellites in a certain frequency range. Nevertheless, the active use of electronic warfare by Russian troops clearly creates a lot of problems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in terms of the use of Bayraktar TB2 strike drones and electronic and electronic reconnaissance equipment in Donbass.

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That's right, not only does the connection disappear, more than a hundred cases were recorded in the Rostov region when a working robot vacuum cleaner tried to leave the apartment or house! Unfortunately, several managed to escape in an unknown direction!

Our electronic warfare suppressed the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine so that their dugouts collapsed and the stoves went out ...

What does "owl on the globe" mean?

And you are right about 100. However, those who gave the map have no idea where and what is. So it's okay. Next time they will give a map of Belarus and a conclusion on the impact of electronic warfare on the poor fishermen of Japan off the coast of Hokkaido.

Zelensky was happy as a child that he bought bayraktars from Turkey.I recently wrote that for the DPR LPR there will come a time of collecting scrap metal that will fall from the sky there is a lot of precious semi-precious metal, and let Ukraine buy and spend money on scrap metal, this is not Armenia with Azerbaijan, this is Donbass and Russia helps

In my opinion, they are pulling an owl on the globe. The question is not whether the Russian Federation uses electronic warfare in the LPR and DPR, the question is that the most truthful is the very first picture. On which the work of interference is fixed. And the same picture clearly shows where Ukraine is in general. Yes, there are many hundreds of kilometers to it. What is this nonsense? Electronic warfare from such a distance will jam everything along the way. What are the jammed frequencies between Rostov and Ukraine? Or is the electronic warfare near Rostov point at a distance of 200 km jamming something? In general, the keychain is this evidence. Pulling an owl onto a globe.