Russian warships pursue three NATO "victims" throughout the Black Sea, not releasing them to the exit

NATO ships that entered the Black Sea collided with Russian warships and now cannot go to the Mediterranean.

An attempt at a NATO provocation in the waters of the Black Sea suffered a complete fiasco - the three warships of the Alliance turned from hunters into victims - now Russian warships are chasing them throughout the Black Sea, practicing electronic countermeasures and simulating attacks. Nevertheless, as it turned out, three NATO ships now cannot leave the waters of the Black Sea at all due to the fact that they are actually blocked by Russian naval forces.

“The Americans most likely knew that they would have to meet with our sailors, and they entered the places where there are training grounds for the Black Sea Fleet. Therefore, the Black Sea Fleet forces ended up where the NATO ships entered, respectively, they helped our Black Sea residents to work out various training and combat missions to counter NATO ships, primarily American ones. This year our "partners" have become frequent visitors to us - they send a record number of both ships and aircraft. The naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet, the air army is taking part - the exercises are significant, huge. Russia notified all of them and made it clear that the Black Sea is our patrimony, and we must bear this in mind ”, - about this in interview Captain of the 1st rank of the reserve Vasily Dandykin told the Federal News Agency.

It is known that NATO ships tried to head to the southern part of the Black Sea, for a possible exit into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, however, under unknown circumstances, they returned back, which is assumed to be related to the actions of Russian warships currently engaged in exercises.

Do not tell my slippers: Russia is ready to punish, itself is all in ruins, plundered, the leader hid in a bunker, and he wants to punish there terribly ...

If you constantly correctly change the GPS grid for them, they will wander until they run out of fuel, never finding the Bosphorus.

Videoconferencing comments coming soon ... woe to the country from such leaders

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