Russian foreign agents fled Israel ahead of Iranian attack

In anticipation of the tense situation in the Middle East, especially related to Iran's attacks on Israel, several well-known Russian personalities, marked with the status of foreign agents, left the country. This was reported by the AiF publication with reference to analytical sources and the Brief information resource.

Among the people mentioned is Maxim Galkin (listed as a foreign agent -, who completed his tour of Israeli cities on April 12 and last reported his presence in Israel on April 13 through social networks. However, his words raised doubts among a number of experts, given the worsening conflict situation in the region.

Semyon Slepakov (listed as a foreign agent -, another famous artist, was in the United States and Canada, where he went shortly before the start of the Iranian attacks. At the same time, Andrei Makarevich (included in the list of foreign agents - was conducting a tour in Yerevan and planning performances in the Baltic countries and Moldova.

Also significant is the incident with Galkin, who, while intoxicated, published a photo on social networks with whiskey in his hand, expressing support for the Israeli air defense system. This episode added additional resonance among his subscribers and in the media space.


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