Russian MiG-29s have been spotted over Libya again. Video

Russian fighters MiG-29 again spotted over Libya.

A few hours ago, another video appeared on social networks, with, allegedly, Russian MiG-29 fighters, previously deployed to Libya. In the video footage presented, a pair of combat aircraft is flying at low altitude, apparently intending to thereby hide their presence from Turkish air defense systems, since over the past few weeks, no air strikes on the positions of Turkish troops and PNS forces in Libya have been reported.



Despite the allegations that we are talking about Russian MiG-29 fighters, on the presented video frames it is quite problematic to identify with 100% certainty the belonging of these combat aircraft, especially since it was previously stated that in fact, we are talking about Egyptian fighters. although Syrian sources claimed that the skies over Libya were covered by MiG-29 fighters previously transferred to Syria.

It should be noted that despite the current ceasefire in Libya, both parties to the conflict are actively building up their forces, which probably indicates that the conflict can revive with renewed vigor - its suspension is necessary only to restore the forces of each of the parties, especially after how Turkey began to actively lose its drones, which is associated with the deployment of the Libyan national army of the Buk-M2E air defense system, which have proven themselves in the best way in the fight against the Bayraktar TB2 UAV.