Explosion in the sky


Russian C-400 nearly shot down Israeli fighters

Russian C-400 forced Israeli pilots to flee headlong.

According to Arab media, Israel’s next attempt to strike at Syria nearly ended in the loss of two combat aircraft. It is reported that the Israeli Air Force fighter crews ignored the warning from Russian military pilots and tried to strike at Syria, however, after Russia brought the C-400 systems fully on alert, the Israeli pilots' self-confidence instantly disappeared - they changed course and returned to the places of their basing.

“Russia has recently prevented several Israeli attacks on Syrian-owned facilities, threatening to bring down Israeli fighters using C-400 systems, and sending its fighters to intercept”, says the publicationIndependent arabia».

According to some reports, a similar incident occurred when striking the Masyaf area in August of this year, while taking into account these publications, Russia's intentions were very serious, which may be due primarily to the fact that Russian military units are located in the same area including the S-400 air defense missile system, the Pantsir air defense missile system and the S-300 air defense missile system.

Analysts do not exclude that it was in connection with the current situation that Netanyahu decided to hold a meeting with Vladimir Putin and Sergey Shoigu.

So the Jews also rule the United States

Please tell me what kind of nationality the Palestinians are, and then tell tales about foreign lands.

Marat, at your post it is clear that you generally had nothing to do with the army and military issues. Just an idle talker !!! Without respect for you, retired Strategic Missile Forces.

Why should they be warned at all? They know where and why they fly and what awaits them there.

knocked down and not one!

Israel is a terrorist state like the United States. They violate the borders of sovereign states, and only "we thought, we considered" to justify our crimes. So normal people do not behave.

The main terrorist in the Middle East is Israel.

Let the Israeli pilots pray to God that they are not yet being shot down, but they are warning, although it is high time Israel was destroyed for the terrorist activities carried out by Israel against Syria.

The main sponsor is the USA

a little bit. e not considered, well, praise the same C-400. at least one would be shot down

"Barely" does not count. Just rubbing your tongue or pen, if you want. And Iran is a terrorist state, and we must take note.

Tatyana, nothing that Israel took away foreign lands for its use - this is where terrorism ...

Tatyana, you probably forgot, or maybe you didn’t know, that Israeli specialists trained and led militants from terrorist organizations banned in Israel who fought in Syria. It is unfortunate that the humane Russians when these of your fellow tribesmen who were surrounded by their wards caught, they were sent to Israel, not shot together with the bandits and did not even show their faces to the world community. who are killed by peaceful, innocent people. Aren't you ashamed of the leadership of your country ?????

You, Leonid, a Zionist!

Today and always, the United States is the main organizer and sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East. I am ashamed, lover, not to know about it.

a, kogo ti schitaesh terroristami? dyatel.

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Today in the Middle East, it is Iran that is the main sponsor of terrorism. And the conversation with the terrorists is short ...

Israel, of course, it is bombing the territory of a foreign country without declaring war.

Totanna !!! hezbollah. Write correctly. Or in Israel do not learn the Russian language?

With the tacit consent of Russia, a terrorist Iran, which threatens to destroy Israel, has deployed its bases on Syria with weapons that it passes to Hezbollah terrorists. given that Russia fought alongside Hezbollah, then who should be called terrorists?

It is a pity that "almost." Next time you need to shoot down terrorists without warning