SWAT in Syria


Russian media: Russian special forces killed in Syria

The media reported the murder of a Russian special forces in Syria.

The Russian edition of the Reporter published an article in which it was reported that a Russian soldier belonging to one of the units of the Special Operations Forces deployed in the territory of the SAR was killed in Syria. According to the newspaper, terrorists were involved in this, attacking the Russian military air base “Khmeimim”, however, no details were reported on the death of the military man himself.

According to Reporter, aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces has attacked militants involved in regular attacks on the Russian military Hmeimim airbase, located in the province of Lattakia, and also involved in the attack and murder of a Russian soldier.

“The aerospace forces of the Russian Federation attacked militants who are related to numerous attacks on Khmeimim airbase and are guilty of killing a soldier of the Special Operations Forces (MTR)”, - informs an information resource.

Earlier, the militants have repeatedly reported attacks on the Russian military in Syria, but no official comment was made by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this matter.


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