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The Russian Aerospace Forces did not allow Azerbaijan to launch a counterstrike on the capital of Armenia. Video

Russian combat aircraft covered the capital Yerevan from Azerbaijan's counterstrike.

Armenia could lose the military conflict with Azerbaijan in just a few minutes if Russian MiG-29 fighters had not covered Yerevan from missile strikes from Azerbaijan. According to media reports, combat aircraft were in the sky over the capital of Armenia for a long time, obviously not allowing the use of missile weapons, since even an accidental defeat of a Russian combat aircraft could lead to clashes with Russia.

“Three MiG-29 fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces have been spotted in the sky over the Armenian capital. Thus, Russia clearly demonstrates its allied commitments towards Armenia in the context of the escalated military conflict between Yerevan and Baku. Russian aircraft controlling the skies over Yerevan are assigned to the 102nd Order of Alexander Nevsky, a Russian military base with garrisons in Gyumri and Yerevan. The military facility is equipped with S-300V anti-aircraft missile systems (988th anti-aircraft missile regiment), MiG-29 fighters, Mi-24P and Mi-8MT helicopters (part of the 3624th air base, Erebuni airfield near Yerevan). The number of personnel of the base is about 4 thousand people ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

Earlier it was reported that the MiG-29 fighters arrived from the airspace of Iran, however, the initial point of their departure is still unknown, which does not exclude the possibility that Russia could transfer its fighters either from Syria or directly from Russian military bases , through the airspace over the Caspian Sea.

Since 1805, Karabakh belongs to Russia according to the Karachai treaty concluded by Ibrahim Khan and Alexander the First. Karabakh is Russian territory!

If Russia had abandoned Armenia, our servicemen would have already been recalled from there, but they are there. But Pashinyan would think what he would do with the millions of Armenians who live in Russia, and who should be "returned to their homeland" if Armenia does not need Russia!

What is there to argue about if there is no truthful data. But the CSTO does little to help. A little bit that only Russia helps.

They forgot to ask you what to do

Which one is it for? Armenians have always lived there.

Azeibarjan appeared in the 20s of the last century thanks to Trotsky, who wanted to conquer Persia as well.

Are we playing with fire? As they say in Odessa: Don't run so fast, otherwise, God forbid, catch up with your INFARKT.

As far as I know, Nagorno-Karabakh seceded from Azerbaijan and quite a long time ago, but if uh
then not to recognize, then it is not necessary to recognize the withdrawal of the former republics from the Union, here, excuse me, you have to adhere to some principles, and not only those that are liked or beneficial to any side or commentator. The indigenous population lives in Karabakh, and only this population is the LEGAL owner of this land (by birthright on this land) and only this population decides whose they are together with the land, and not Aliyev or Pashinyan.

This is a lie Armenia has never abandoned Russia, an example is Syria where only Armenians came to help the Russians

Don't live. Who's holding you. I’ll find a country that doesn’t sell weapons and go there for permanent residence.

The Kremlin is playing with fire, I raise planes! She would not interfere, but withdraw the base 102. Everything is much serious for the guys who are in this base, since they are surrounded on three sides. Or again they want to play a performance on the blood of the guys, as if they attacked the base! this time do not ride a provocation.

I hope Pie still has brains. If not us, then in 5 minutes China or someone else

What nonsense. Azerbaijan is fighting on its territory, for its land. What does Yerevan have to do with it, it is a neighboring state. Why write about something that you absolutely do not understand.

... well then, a suitcase ... a railway station ... Ukraine

FU what a country I live in. Selling weapons to both. Shame. Sponsoring war, murder, for profit, it's disgusting.

The more I read information about Armenia every time I am convinced that Armenians are stupid or that they are storytellers !!!
Interestingly Pushkin or Andersen, maybe the brothers Grim were Armenians and needed to check !!!!!!!!

"neighboring state" - what is it? In unrecognized territory, for that matter.

When the Armenians ran with posters of Russia out of Armenia, they thought Europe would help them.
Allies like Armenia for one place and a museum

Russia is obliged to defend Armenia under the CSTO treaty only if Armenia is attacked. That did not happen. Armenia operates on the territory of a neighboring state, by the way.

Throw it? It was Pashinyan who threw Russia and asks to join NATO. He needs to comprehend the lesson of his neighbors, and then make statements about leaving the CSTO. Let it fall

Nonsense, Russia has abandoned its only strategic ally in the Transcaucasus; moreover, it is also going to sell the latest aircraft to Azeris, this is Russia's friendship.