US missile defense


The Russian military has prepared a large-scale response to the American air defense system

Russia has prepared a response to the American air defense system.

The significant strengthening of the American air and missile defense system forced Russia to prepare a powerful retaliatory strike, allowing it to destroy up to 20% of the US territory in just a few hours. The new weaponry makes it possible with almost 100% guarantee to strike at the territory of the United States from two directions at once.

According to the Russian information publication, the Russian attack underwater unmanned vehicle Status-6 will guarantee a retaliatory strike against US territory if, for some reason, Russian ballistic missiles cannot reach US territory and are shot down. Due to the relatively slow speed, the drone strike on the US coast will be delayed for several hours, however, it is guaranteed.

“In practice, missile defense does not work very well, but Moscow is clearly not at risk. The Russian authorities can view the Poseidon and the submarines that launch it as an underwater insurance policy against America's luck and the defeat of nuclear ballistic missiles (fired from Russian territory - ed.). Their investment in these systems suggests a real concern about said protection.», - reports the edition "Forbes".

To date, there is absolutely no way to track and even more so to intercept a Russian underwater drone, which forces the United States to insure itself and not go on serious escalations against Russia.