Shooting from AK-630


Russian corvette opened fire on air targets during another NATO provocation near the western borders of Russia

The Russian warship worked out the defeat of air targets during the next NATO reconnaissance operation.

Another provocation of the North Atlantic Alliance, expressed in the conduct of large-scale reconnaissance near the Russian borders, turned into serious trouble for NATO. This is due to the commenced exercises of the crew of the Russian corvette "Soobrazitelny" in the waters of the Baltic Sea, during which they practiced the destruction of air targets with real firing from artillery mounts AK-630 and A-190.

“In the course of going to sea, the crew of the Soobrazitelny corvette carried out a set of measures to repel attacks by enemy air attack weapons and fired at the naval shield. Also, the corvette crew conducted a complex of artillery firing from an A-190 artillery mount at a naval shield imitating a simulated enemy ship. ", - said in the message of the press service of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy.

The NATO countries have seriously increased their activity near the Russian borders, in connection with which the Russian side is ready to react toughly to any provocations, including by conducting military maneuvers, launching missiles, practicing the defeat of enemy forces, etc.


And who is there to "feel sorry for," a plywood board? Or has the brown substance already floated?

I still do not understand - did they sink, or "did they regret it?"

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