MLRS Himars delivered an unexpected blow to Pervomaisk at night

American MLRS Himars attacked Pervomaisk in the Luhansk region.

Tonight, at least three strikes were carried out on the territory of the city of Pervomaisk using Himars MLRS. The corresponding rocket strikes were filmed by residents of neighboring settlements. Moreover, what is very remarkable, the attack of the Ukrainian military was carried out from the western outskirts of Bakhmut, where active offensive operations of the allied forces have been carried out in recent days.

On the presented video frames you can see one of the blows that fell on Pervomaisk. Judging by the power of the explosion, M31A1\A2 missiles were used, although, taking into account the range of destruction, less long-range M30A1\A2 missiles could also be used.

What exactly was attacked by the Ukrainian military is still unknown, however, judging by the release of a huge pillar of fire into the night sky, the attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces could be quite accurate.

The leadership of the Lugansk People's Republic confirms the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck Pervomaisk, emphasizing that a total of three strikes were recorded, however, no other details on this matter have yet been announced. By the current hour, it remains unknown whether there are casualties and wounded as a result of the APU strike, however, the attack by the Ukrainian military points to the fact that the American Himars MLRS in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine still pose a very big danger.