Submarine Oryol


Serious accident happened from Russian nuclear submarine "Orel" off the coast of Denmark

The Russian submarine Oryol lost its speed off the coast of Denmark.

The Russian "Telegram" -channel "Military Observer" reports that the Russian nuclear submarine missile cruiser "Orel" lost its speed off the coast of the Danish island of Sehero during its return from the parade of the Russian Navy, as reported by the command of the Danish Navy.

It is known that a tugboat was sent to help the Russian missile submarine cruiser Oryol, however, apparently, the problem was eliminated without his intervention.

“The Danish Navy reports that the Russian nuclear-powered missile submarine Orel (Project 949A Antey) has lost its speed in the area of ​​Sehero Island. The message from the military department is dated August 3. The Altai tug was preparing to transport the submarine to the base, but the crew managed to restore the systems to work. Control and interaction with the Danish Coast Guard was carried out by the large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov". The incident occurred during the return of the submarine from St. Petersburg after the end of the main naval parade ", - said in the published material.

So far, there are no official comments from the Russian defense department on this matter. It is not yet known whether we are talking about a malfunction of the screws, or the problems can be much more serious.

Where the Russian submarine is currently located is also unknown.

Did you wind up Nord Stream 2 on the screw? :)))

..horror! For the sake of ... in order to "show the power of the Russian Navy" again, officials have forgotten the main thing: nuclear submarines of this rank are launched for the sake of their comfort in the shallow waters of the Baltic and the straits. And most importantly, there are no guilty ones. The mediocrity of the leadership leads to such consequences .... as with the Kursk nuclear submarine.

.... ashamed ... Shame! For the fun of Kremlin officials, a boat of this rank is sent to shallow water ... to parades ... for the fun of the Kremlin ... Here it is ... the essence of this power. Well done submariners ... that they were able to cope with their duties.

any ship or merchant ship can lose its course if, for example, it winds a cable or net around the screws. the degree of readiness in this case does not mean anything. off the coast of denmark those nets are dark

And one should be afraid of such "experts" who do not even understand what a loss of motion is and what does radiation have to do with it ...

They will arrange a parade off the coast of the radioactive desert, after a salvo of our submarines.

Only old man Biden does not arrange the passage of his boats at the Statue of Liberty and in the Bay of Michichan ... and the whole world does not hustle in the style we are ready, we will wipe off the face of the earth, etc.

And if the war, and real NATO missiles on the deck? Here is a vivid indicator of the real combat readiness of the fleet, which VVP is so fond of talking about ...

Murmansk residents laugh at the news about the Orel nuclear submarine .... in fact, it's really funny when the parade submarine, which had been preparing to sail along the Neva for a couple of months, suddenly took it - and lost its speed.
Can you imagine what the reputational consequences would have been and not only if it had lost speed a little earlier, right in the channel of the Neva in the parade formation of the Russian Navy ??? If it was carried by the current to the ship in front of the ship or large landing craft? Or just run aground with a hole in the hull in full view of the world by blocking the entire parade ??? Well, if on that day there was a storm, and the tug would not physically pull such a colossus against the waves and wind It would be thrown on the stones directly to the "partners" along with nuclear missiles .... what then? A shame and a bright indicator of the readiness of our fleet for any challenges ...

another NATO disinformation

This is a sign from above that weapons are not made for parades and boasting.

Exactly the same can be said about NATO ships with a nuclear SU

That is why the United States and Europe are afraid of Russian ships, they can sink off their coast, causing radioactive contamination of the area.