Saudi Arabia began negotiations with Russia on the purchase of S-400 complexes

Riyadh wants to buy Russian S-400s after unprecedented attacks by the Houthis.

After the Yemeni rebels began to actively attack the territory of Saudi Arabia using kamikaze drones and short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, and the American Patriot complexes deployed in the kingdom did not cope with the task of protecting the airspace, the official Riyadh was forced to to begin negotiations with Russia regarding the supply of Russian S-400 Triumph systems to Saudi Arabia.

According to Debka, at least 860 cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as kamikaze drones have been fired from neighboring Yemen in Saudi Arabia over the past five years, and the uselessness of the Patriot systems purchased from the United States has led to an almost twofold decrease in oil production. ...

“These attacks made the Saudis realize that the air defenses and radars they have at their disposal, they are all American, are not enough and they cannot stop the drone and missile attacks. The Saudis also see that the armies of Turkey and India have stocked up on Russian air defense systems. This is reported by military sources "- сообщает publication "Debka".

It is noteworthy that just about a year ago in Saudi Arabia, Russian S-400 air defense systems were called bad complexes and refused to conclude contracts with Russia, however, obviously, the current situation is far from in favor of Riyadh, and therefore, the kingdom was forced to return to negotiations with Russia.

Dear "listener", you know. that the S-350 "Vityaz" is prohibited for sale to foreign countries? Even China wants it ....))) Of course, "Prometheus" may be a "new word", but "Knight" is a very interesting thing.

The Saudis have matured ... They bought scrap for 100 yards from Amers / Trump. Now also amers \ Biden run over the prince and the old man came to the arrow. But S-400 and Paciri with Torah are needed.

Judging by the characteristics of the drones, the С400 is not very good, it is better than the С350. I don’t know, however, if it is sold ... in fact, armor is more effective for drones if, of course, the goal is not to oversleep. But, their own hand is the lord, here is the flag in their hands ...

Now I would sell them with a surcharge ... with 50%. The bad ones are always more expensive - amers will confirm.