Soviet rocket P-15 "Termit" smashed the destroyer "Eilat" in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea

The first footage of the destruction of the destroyer Eilat in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea appeared.

A few hours ago, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense published unique video footage showing the destruction of the Israeli Navy destroyer Eilat. The video footage shows a restored situation with the last moments of the existence of an Israeli warship, which was sunk in just a few minutes.

“The footage of an anti-ship missile hitting an" Israeli "vessel during a training exercise in Egypt was" timed "to the events of 1967, when, after the Six-Day War with Israel, on October 21, two P-15 Termites anti-ship missiles, Egyptian sailors sank the Israeli Navy destroyer Eilat. As a result of the incident, 47 sailors were killed, 90 were injured, and October 21 in Egypt ... declared the Day of the National Navy ", - about it сообщает "Telegram" -channel "Military Observer".

It should be clarified that the P-15 Termit anti-ship missiles are still in service with a number of countries, in particular, the Libyan National Army recently carried out combat launches of the Termites, demonstrating its readiness to fight Turkish frigates in the event of an attempt by the latter to enter the territorial waters country

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