Airplane IL-22PP Porubshchik


The United States threatened Russia with a nuclear strike for using the Il-22PP

The United States called the conditions under which a nuclear strike would be struck across Russia.

According to the materials provided by The National Interest, the United States of America could well strike a nuclear strike on Russia, if the Russian plane Il-22PP Porubshchik will affect the US military and telecommunications satellites. Such an impact will probably qualify as an act of aggression, and to preempt the enemy, it will be inflicted numerous nuclear strikes.

"If Russia cuts off electronics on US satellites, this could be interpreted as a military act sufficient to justify a nuclear response", - reports the edition of The National Interest.

According to experts, such a decision is based primarily on statements by Russia and China about their readiness to oppose the creation of the US Space Forces, however, it is logical to assume that the militarization of space by the United States of America may lead to similar measures by Russia and China, which in turn may lead to another "cold war", but already involving three countries - the United States, Russia and the PRC.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that there have been no official statements on the part of the US on this issue, and experts believe that there is only an escalation of the situation, the main purpose of which is to demonstrate the position of strength on the part of the United States of America.

* Il-22PP "Porubshchik" is a Russian military aircraft of electronic warfare intended to influence electronic systems of ground, sea, air and space objects.

Excited to the elections and then dropped as unnecessary.

Artistic whistle

Pension funds there are not insured, like ours. In the case of the instability of the economic situation in the country, American pensioners will have to ask for help, since these funds will burst like MMM.

“This is the only way to scare,” said Schweik. - The soldier should not be afraid of anything. If, for example, in a battle you fell into a pit, lick it and move on into battle. And poisonous gases for our brother are a usual thing from the barracks after soldier’s bread and peas with cereal. But now, they say, the Russians invented some sort of thing specifically against non-commissioned officers.
“Some special electrical currents,” added the volunteer. - By combining with celluloid asterisks on the collar of the non-commissioned officer, an explosion occurs. Every day, new horrors!

I hope that the United States is ready for a retaliatory strike, especially making such statements, and not just having seized speech diarrhea ...

Whiners retired gathered. We also have pensioners alone in the workshop, 15 pensions, 30 salaries, they don’t want to do a dick, they’re sick, they write bs. W ..... Camping, the most interesting is that all former employees

Actually, in China, the retirement age and in general pensions are established only for civil servants. The rest must contain children, or they must have their savings, or work to death.

that you guys are "talkyly balakals". If, as you say, at the head of the Russian state, only Jews and "Americans" drive, then why should they fight against themselves? This is once. The second - in Israeli schools, when they approach the study of World War II, the ticket office applauds Russians literally applauds. Something is wrong with you. Or half of what you grind is just a provocation against the Russians.

Dear Sibiryak, the United States is obliged to threaten the whole world, except Britain and Switzerland. Otherwise, this mill will become bankrupt for 10 days. The United States is the largest debtor in the world and they owe the whole world. And the US solvency is supported only by the guarantees of the two countries, and all other countries are competitors for the United States.

In the United States live off of others-GENTLEMEN that's ALL

How many do not pay at all not enough money should work for you that is to your retirement and each should create it for yourself and do not know what to check how much to your account SNILS and do not know where your money was spent and the time will come to retire in 100 years will be released

this is exactly noted

Basically. If the US does not stop threatening, this too can be considered an act of military aggression. And, accordingly, to protect their interests.

In general, a situation is created: probably, probably! That is, the US satellite will cover itself with a copper pelvis for its internal reasons, it will be possible to say that the Russians attacked and hit Russia! So to speak, just in case! Marasmus is getting stronger!

On any nuclear strike, Amerikos will receive a tenfold answer, so that as Butusov sang: gudbai americaa ooooo ....

After disabling the satellites, the nuclear weapons will have to be dragged on their hump.

After disabling the satellites, the nuclear weapons will have to be dragged on their hump.

In Belarus, the age of 58 and 62, respectively ... About this did not tell you?

The black point of Amers shrank and vibrated with the right road comrades.

In China, there is talk of increasing the retirement age + normal pensions there only in cities. If you decided to talk about this topic, read the sources

but propadies are all propomated

In general, I understand you, if before all was common, now belongs to the oligarchs .........

Hehe, what army is now, I do not know, but if I do not fight for war, I will not. I'd better go to the police, there's nothing more to lose. For whom to fight, all went to the bath. I will destroy all ...., I hope they understood.

Pensions state in the US is even less than in Russia. They simply put off all life there. We also need to do the same. I just add monthly interest from the deposit and come out more or less acceptable.

Remember-pension, it's your deferred money, and if you pay a penny in pfr, then where to take that big pension ?? And in general, children pay a pension to their parents .. you can help 20 t every month? Hardly .. so that the necha on the state to change. If ...

And how do you know what retirement age in China? this time. Now two of us in the camp will not yet have a law on increasing the pension increase, but if this law is adopted, then the increase in retirement age will go smooth women up to 2035 year and peasants until 2028 year and what's sharp?

Are you for the red ali for the whites?

Somehow you do not write in Russian. Well, expert. It's funny. And how do you explain that China is reducing the retirement age? The men 55, and women in 50 to rest? As sharply as they want to do in Russia, no one did.

The people were exterminated in the days of Gorbachev-Yeltsin ..., No PEOPLE. There is a population. Disunited, dull, forgetting his past, ready parents to hand over to the homes of the elderly. Crap on everything except yourself ... What the hell country?

A shameful will be with shoulder straps, then?

Specialists are born not in higher education institutions, but at children's and youth's playgrounds and in sections. Of 100000-one. This is elementary, Watson. A little more and without fresh infusions - Khan.

Again you want to freebies? Pay money, and hired workers will clean everything, for you ..

And who has the Jews?

And here the comp, and where the leaders. They do something nasty in the country

Himself, whose servant will you be?

and the country was built not by a couple of ours! Not to mention electronics and automation. And neither oil nor other fossils are there for her .. Stalin only bones his people glorious ...
Read more on:

So what ? Welder 6 discharge Homeland to have someone to make goose feathers sharp And you can not get anywhere

One way or another, but raising the retirement age should be increased. This has long been done in Belarus and other republics and countries.

untruth cockroaches will remain

Russians have only one Russian enemy

This is what you get. In fact and sober meditation - no


The West's heavy spending on missile defense can lead to a critical level, when the West can deal a fatal blow to Russia without fear of a retaliatory strike.
Therefore, Russia must strike the first blow at the West and as soon as possible.

taking into account how the United States got obsolete with North Korea ... it was worth it that a couple of weak nuclear bombs appeared and a couple of unpretentious rockets - so they were immediately blown away and their fingers turned back ... - so with Russia their threats are nothing at all ... they will not draw, they are shallow in spirit, but they are rotten with sweat.

Morality. Knocking down to Putin (if he is still a Russian) open wider the doors of such universities as Baumanka, MIREA, MIPT, MEPhI and the like, and in them more talented young people and create decent conditions for their studies and further decent working conditions, and then these bright heads will make Russia really powerful.

Blessed is he who believes! Believe the zomboyaschik less! and the concerts of Zadornov / Kingship Heavenly / must be taken only as humor! and if you believe that the rockets will fall then concerts zadornnov - it's about you!

Yes, it's not just laziness, it's just that the world is organized so that the government does not steer the government, and without the government's order, not only handles - they will not bake bread! it's time to understand this at your age and not blame indiscriminately the people! / And who are you really? /

This is I, a simple welder 6 discharge should get up and produce fountain pens? Is everything normal with the head?

The Russian Army was, is and will be, Thank God. But also such shit, as you, серёжа-there was and will be. Unfortunately.

I agree, but there is one but. To be cattle, boor, litter and do not respect anyone this, to sozheleniyu, implanted in us with 90x on TV and in life. See what's on the TV show. Cinema about crooks and cops, or more dramatic movies about rich millionaires, well, and the transmission of talk shows that only divide the society. In Soviet times, propagandized slogans ** Peace-Peace **, ** all nations - brothers **, ** the world, labor, May **, etc. The people of the USSR were more united, and now what. Native brothers and relatives are ready to gnaw a cheek for property or money. Think it's someone you need.

Why would anyone attack Russia? She has long been captured. Oligarchs measure income exclusively in dollars, which means on the salaries of overseas "owners". The ruble is worthless and will not cost anything, because the payment for resources in rubles is unprofitable for our "owners". In fact, the people are pulling resources out of the earth, losing their lives and health, and the "bosses" receive for them pieces of paper with portraits of American leaders. So who needs to take over Russia? The answer is simple - it needs to be captured by ordinary Russian people. And on our own, we do not obsess about nuclear weapons. Another "news" from the cycle: "everything, just not about what is important."

The clever people who are trying to say here that the people in Russia are lowered below the baseboard, and the Chinese are starting to shake the whole world for themselves. You personally, here are those who like here to poumble, what exactly did they do to raise the people above the plinth?
China, everything from ballpoint pens to spacecraft, produces? And why do not you produce these very hands? Maybe just too lazy to tear something off from the computer chair and start working?

GDP naturally decays its game .., but none of the commenting and does not understand the course of life .., only one way to one flight ... like quails!))))))))

Before you write such statements ... to begin with, serve your homeland with epaulettes on your shoulders.

Maybe better. Although this is very controversial. But even Hitler had the best army and what? We are stronger than this undeniably! And the victory will be for us if that.
And you were in the army? What is your statement on the TV?

Parasitizing class has always been, is and will be - regardless of revolutions

would be stronger, would long ago for us zhahnula! well, well, one show-off, in one word, advertising and Hollywood ... and if they are at war with someone, it's only with the weak, who can not adequately respond ... and their NATO bloc is a worldwide scam! by the ears will pass, all the Russians are intimidated ... and then force their allies to make annual payments to the block and buy only American weapons, and as a rule are already obsolete :-)))

And the stronger?

If I were so strong, I would have already attacked long ago. USA, keeps from the attack only an appropriate response, which means that the army's forces are commensurable and approximately equal.

Given that the Russian Army has been a hundred years since there is no

Everyone is so smart! “Let's launch our best rockets!”, “The North Pole is for us!” Are you there at all? If a war starts, you will definitely not be fun.
Go to normal business.

The US Army is stronger than the Russian Army - it's true

Stop listening to these balabols. Really no one understands that there will be no world war, at least for the next few decades. Exactly until the power (decision-making) is at least a little bit in the hands of artificial intelligence. as a form of life is not capable of self-destruction (single suicides are not counted). But the artificial intelligence, the more self-learning, is another form of life. And they are unlikely to exist together. Not very developed, but I hope everyone understood my idea.
PS I'm not a fan of films about "Terminators". I just think logically)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))

How old are you? Nationalize, several generations, oligarchs, ??? Yes, if it were not for them, who are now "oligarchs" and then in the 90s "privatizators" in general, everything would have been screwed up, fell apart, fucked up. And they. I would not stay away from these enterprises. Niii huuu ... what

The satellite is not an airplane. There can not fly here and there.

You here swear so much, are ready to gulp each other! You can write another 1001 comment and there will not be any sense, the economy will not grow, the lawn itself does not shake, the fence itself will not rise and life of your gentlemen will not improve, the state of hating looking at the screen is easy! Can you start thinking about your homes, how and what can be improved? The Constitution of the Russian Federation does not prohibit this and you will not be punished if you once again in the park get out or in the entrance of the wall whitewash. But to dream of destroying the houses of other states is a very bad business, there are the same people alive and with families! All well-being! That's all I wanted to say!

The version of the last 2 rows:
And now it is burning, and the earth is melting,
Where there was once the Pentagon

Exactly, it all depends on ourselves.

FULLY YOU I SUPPORT! EXTREMELY SLAB IN THE COUNTRY'S GUIDE! In my opinion, his task is different. Hold out until 24 year, and then surrender to RUSSIA and eat @ at the hill, like a DREAM! The whole nation has seen and sees who and what each minister represents.

With Liigoya in answer to Tatyana, I fully agree to 100%. Again in power rascals. Putin thought power, and he was as awful about domestic politics as others. How did the oligarchs have us, and continue to have. Previously, somehow everything was camouflaged, but now it's open. After all, such a rating. Wherever you throw the wedge everywhere. It seems that the government is engaged in the genocide of the people. And all the nonsense that increased the continuation of life, especially in men. Something around me, I do not see long-livers. I 59 years, and around me the same and younger are dying like flies. Voted for GDP, I hoped that at the last term of the presidency, the oligarchs would poke their necks and remove these thieves from the government, but no, everything is exactly the opposite, what now we have to be shy about. Here's your fat and musals. Rave! I HATE !!!

If Russia disconnects the US satellites, then it will be much easier to intercept their carriers, and if you disconnect the electronics on their carriers, it is generally not known which way they will fly, maybe even come back.

And the revolution in Russia is in any case not necessary, the revolution is needed only by those who want to parasitize at the expense of others.

Uncle Vanya, are you okay? You heard about the chopper-2? Do not confuse a simple Il-22 and Pokrybshchik (the first) he was specially created for jamming.

The author is a fabulous *** il! IL-22 aircraft, which was not adopted, was developed in 1946, then of course the whole sky was in the satellites of the USA!

to point

Medvedev is the same thief that Serdyukov and K. Tolko pucheglazika again left premiere and confused with him !! Sits like a graven image puffed up because of a plowing sprout, Luzhkov poper devoured it and his relatives he will cover. And he has a lot of blunders.

With tablecloth, a tablecloth, chloropicrin, it creeps up and gets under the gas mask. Everyone, everyone in the best is believed to fall, nuclear fugace is falling. If we offended someone in vain, dropping a couple of extra megatons, everything that remains after that, we'll put it in a blue car ....................

But you know Vladimir, what you wrote about Stalin, wanted, and this is absolutely true.

the usual Jewish shit began from the USA, from "analysts", "experts" and other petty Jews, who were instructed to bring intimidation of the country into the information field of the planet, which the world Jewish capital chose to make its colony, and this is the content of these articles. Neither this petty Jew, nor those who have already written their "strategic" comments have no idea what electronic warfare is and how it is technically carried out, but every idiot (and even more so idiot) wants to get worn out. In history, under the USSR, there was already the topic of star wars and the US SDI program (strategic defense initiative) and how this topic was chewed on in the press. what has changed by today in the subject of confrontation between the United States, and now Russia? Russia became open to financial intervention of world Jews, but it also gained access to all the technologies that world Jews kept closed to the USSR, besides, the pragmatic 3 billion-dollar China became one of the political opponents of the United States, where the world Jew dumped all modern technologies, tempted free labor force.
in general, the alignment has changed not in favor of the United States, they are well aware that despite the destruction of the military potential of the USSR during the period of its elimination, there are enough funds left in Russia (and they have already been updated) to deliver a retaliatory nuclear strike against the United States, experts in the field of military topics, and not "Analysts" and "experts" are well aware that no technical means can guarantee that a retaliatory strike will not achieve its goal. THIS IS THE ABC OF WAR, SO IT IS POSSIBLE NOT TO READ THIS ZHIDOV'S BULLETIN ABOUT NUCLEAR STRIKE RUSSIA.

Golden words of an intelligent person ...

To lie, well, they lie at every step. Well, fuck such power! ???

Will not stop

What raznylis. The US regime must deliver an ultimatum, or it removes all satellites over the territory of Russia, or Russia will put them out of action. Nuclear war? let them try. One nuclear torpedo by Newark, one and Washington, unacceptable losses and the disabling of spy satellites will not seem such a significant cause of the Third World War.

Catch my friend Trump our smart, hypersonic and accurate rockets. And then swim in the 200-meter tsunami, gently caressing the American coast and infecting its radiation. Perfect performance, I would say, Hollywood.

Tatyana! And tell me, how did Putin take up the oligarchs? He introduced a progressive tax on personal income? He returned to the state (nation-wide) property the basic means of production, i.e. nationalized the branches of the economy created by several generations of Soviet people? He took away from the oligarchs the raw material resources, which are the property of the whole people, and handed them over to the state?
He punishes them for raising the price of oil sold inside the country's refinery to produce gasoline? And what, the prices for gasoline have already returned to the previous level? And what, unless the resort fee is being introduced from tourists in the Crimea, the Krasnodar Territory, the Stavropol Territory, the Altai Territory? And the tax from country houses? A tax on self-employed? This Putin took up the thieves-oligarchs? Or all the same for us, so, God forbid, the oligarchs did not suffer? And all the liberal henchmen did not seem to suffer. Even Serdyukov, for example, the title of Hero of Russia, appropriated to him by a secret decree of Medvedev, is incomprehensible for what, was not deprived. Vasilieva, who stole billions - is at large. Sechin received millions of rubles a day as he received it. Or I do not know something like that, do you know?

A flying in space for more than a year and a half, the American cosmos is not known at all what was doing in orbit! For a year and a half you can calculate all the orbits of artificial satellites, for sure he was engaged in this, because of what he did neither rumor nor spirit. Do we also have to deal atomic strikes against the US?

To live in a civilized country, you do not have to leave Russia. Especially do in it
Revolution. Just do not litter, do not worry, start to follow the rules on the roads, do not give bribes, do not take bribes, do not drink alcohol and do not smoke, do not change your loved one, respect
culture and teach the history of our country, respect the old people, love children, and you yourself will not notice how you will end up in a civilized state. Mih. Zadornov.

To live in a civilized country, you do not have to leave Russia. Especially do in it
Revolution. Just do not litter, do not worry, start to follow the rules on the roads, do not give bribes, do not take bribes, do not drink alcohol and do not smoke, do not change your loved one, respect
culture and teach the history of our country, respect the old people, love children, and you yourself will not notice how you will end up in a civilized state. Mih. Zadornov.

Tanya is a fine fellow! I completely agree ! Scold everyone can, pathetic losers!

Pulled not by Putin, but by oil prices (see the dynamics of the growth of oil prices in the 2000.) And Poo continues the policy of his predecessor: he flouts the people in favor of fatigued officials and oligarchs, and in the economy he is round zero (see: enterprises that died in time Putin's rule.) Russia's robbery at Pu continues at an accelerated pace (see: the dynamics of capital flight from Russia)

Why should amers be afraid when our colony of America regularly sends them tribute in exchange for their waste paper "treasury obligations." Instead of investing in poor Ross. the economy.

What and where did he raise? In addition to defense, nothing is done by the miserable Russia today. And China, for example, produces everything - from pens and toys to sophisticated electronics - China today has two of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, the range of products is thousands of times wider than that of Putin's feudal Russia.

Some kind of magazinchik talks about a nuclear war - it's funny)) their point was shrinking when the country after the Second World War was naked and barefoot, without nuclear weapons ... only vigorous planners drew all sorts of drop shots)) and now LOL

Nobody will win. If the entire nuclear arsenal of the Russian Federation is blown up, the planet Earth will cease to exist.

Well, I frightened the naked hedgehog American hedgehog .. ah.
Yes Russia through the North Pole will destroy the US nuclear strike and not which bases around the world will not help the Americans. And Europop as usually puts his head in the sand and does not yap.

Ivan all correctly speaks //// below a plinth drove and steal and make profit

Russia, he can and raised from his knees (it's hard not to do it for 18 years, having huge natural resources), but the people lowered below the baseboard putting it on the brink of survival, this too should be proud of?


Do not confuse your homeland with the government.

I also worked with foreigners, conducted the Platinoid Congress in Norilsk. The people were from the whole Earth, where there is mining of platinum group metals. For myself, I concluded. The West is a well-bought and sold world. There is no morality, money determines everything.

When the Chopper earns, all missiles aimed at Russia are simply blinded. Without a space guide, all the rockets return to where they flew from.

I agree completely with Tatyana! Putin pulled Russia out of the shit 90-x, which was cast by the liberal traitors who are still trying to open the gates of the besieged fortress, the enemies of Russia.

Even the Kremlin flowers in the tape, praise Stalin, love Putin, respect the state. Of course, the minimum wage is 11300, pensions for 9, pension reform, Yarovoy laws, VAT 20%, a lot of taxes, a ban on the progressive scale of taxes for the oligarchs, offshores, etc., yes, yes, that's to love the state))))

My answer did not like the sysadmin. But I'll repeat it again for Al-dru for 14-27 from 27 July.
The message about your death in my country will be for me the most pleasant message, (it is possible that this will happen in the same Yamantau).

Tell me your address and I'll see how you rot.
You are hating state, which allows others to have statehood.
Putin? this person embodying the policy of this state, there would be who instead of it all would be the same.
VV has something to say, but to say and apply is different factors of life
On his share fell the most difficult after the domestic.
and praise to those who help him

And what did you do 38 (!) Years in the TOF !? So many do not live.

Yes, you're a brother completely finished and you do not know the story at all, he remembered Japan, Japan did not spend a cent on its defense this time, the USSR after the Second World War was the first country to cancel food cards ... under Stalin, if that ...

At school it was necessary to get knowledge, but not chubook kurit.Stalin, one of the builders of socialism, won the war in the Second World War, the country revived. Putin raised Russia from his knees, forced him to respect, now he took up the oligarchic thieves, the state liberal liberal henchmen to raise the vital level of the people. And what in life have you achieved?

eugeny, a tail wind in your ass, and you must love your motherland whatsoever it is, nobody keeps you,

There is no need for a nuclear strike against Russia. the people will soon rest by the will of our Lubyanka ruler. And the ruler in case of what will rot in Yamantau ...

To what such "level" did Stalin raise the country? To galoshes and canvas pants by order? You can't eat an atomic bomb with bread .. Japan was generally in ruins, but it also saved people and the country was built by no match for ours! Not to mention electronics and automation. And she has neither oil nor other minerals ... Stalin is glorious only with the bones of his people ...

1. Learn to write correctly.
2. Have dignity.

Troll, you do not have a brain. For 38 years on the Pacific Fleet they convinced me that everyone who jerks will get it.

The sex of Russia works, so that the neat was. Everything else is a shitty TV shit. Once again I read it, it really hurts naive. It's good for such simpletons.

(you have no idea about them ...)
And they are no longer there and the development of a myth in principle.

Not long ago there were relatives from Germany on a visit, I was surprised to see that Putin and Russia in general in Germany have great authority among the people, for not being afraid to stand up ... I was both proud and surprised ... and that inside the country happens, in the larger case we ourselves are to blame, we do not know how to be puffed up, but we wait for pumping from the king open our mouth ... or until some kind of barbarian is given to give on the head.

Zlatan Altan 25 Jul 2018 in 19: 28

Russia alone can not win the United States, Russia simply has no money.
Russia has nothing to fight on, the Pacific fleet is rusty, the guns do not hit the targets on the exercises and this is not shown on the news. Two, three shots are enough money, and then NATO will bomb the European part of Russia and everything, the Siberian part will be easily occupied Japan and South Korea. That's how it will be.

Zlatan Altan Welcome to the Club, who previously thought about Russia Napoleon, Hitler)))

There will not be a Rulka resident ... How to drink will not be given!
She is now kochevryazhitsya. And when the real fight for the armchair begins, that's when she pokes herself! There toothy enough and without it - head off, do not choke. There is no hope for the fascists at Rulka, and most likely not. A less sensible electorate will send it away, unless, of course, there will be a less worthy alternative candidate.

Good fellow Hasan! Correctly said, these assholes. It is a nuclear strike in Russia, and they are all about the rastaskivanii country. And here the President ?!

The fact that domestic policy is failed is understandable even to the stupid, especially economics, ideology, cadres, and for that whoever does not say the fault lies on the first person, since basically they make decisions and they are executed by the cadre of the president. The role of the first person in the Russian state has always been high, and if the powerful sovereign was at the head of the country, Russia was making a rapid leap in development, and the role of the individual in history was never abandoned. Now the country has created communism for a handful of people in the political, economic, criminal-procedural sphere. A complete lack of political will, strategic thinking and planning for the development of the state, one boltology and appeals that are already boring PEOPLE. They are less and less believe the supreme power and the gap is not yet visible. Cooperative lake - taxis.

You have forgotten about strategic nuclear forces, including sea-based ... (you have no idea about them ...) I'm not talking about the latest developments of hypersonic nuclear weapons ...

I beg your pardon, stupid and even idiotic ideas TO BUMM OUT, and, unfortunately, even polls in the US showed that 60 percent or more for the bombing of Russia with the "Atomic bomb" ... Who remembers, recently BABA with a scythe in Ukraine also shouted about Moscow: Atomic bomb her! Idiots! In a matter of hours, radiation will cover everything on Earth, and neither eat something nor drink water, EVERYTHING will be infected for a long time ... Those who did not die quickly from the bomb are doomed to die slowly and painfully, envying those whom they themselves killed ...

One president is good, and the environment is short and thievish. A convenient position for the king! And the power to use, like Grozny and Peter 1, Stalin, he can not. He is afraid that he will remain without sarcasm.

The fish rots from the head, the president is aware of everything that is happening, terrible things are happening from his "light hand" - they sell their homeland and take out, pump money over the hill - to where their offspring are ..

Respected. You probably slept badly today. After your words, I wonder why Russia still exists

Eugene, there is no such country in the world as Russia and there is no such good people. I worked with foreigners, and I know what they are! Foreigners use a cigarette for money! But in beautiful Russia and a beautiful people there is a BICH. It's a gos.duma. We have a wonderful president , a cultured, tidy and determined man who loves his country. But all the rest are in the president's circle, self-serving people who lie to the president himself. But I think it will work out. A decent citizen should love his country and his people! And those who are against us, the tablecloth track.Those and we do not need

Another inflated empty three, designed for idiots. Nuclear strikes are expensive: there is not a child's response arrives. They want to live, after all. In fact, their satellites will be switched off-if there is such a need-and everything will calm down, they themselves are to blame. Unless in response will try to also turn off Russian satellites - if they can.

Zlatan, otkuda u Vas, iz Bolgarii, takie tochnye svedeniya, o sostoyanii Tixookeanskogo flota, obespechenii rossiyskoy armii boepripasami i daje kachestva podgotovki vonnoslujaschix armii rossii.Vidatb vbi vezdesusschiy shpion. Priznaytesb dobrovolbno inache ne budete poluchatb vpredb nikakoj sverhsekretoy informacii. Da xranit Vas Bog.

in the very apple ...

Do not compare the times ... Now, in addition to the United States, no one is fighting anywhere ... Unless the Pindos themselves provoke and pay these wars

Have you spent the internet in a crazy house?

Everyone says soon to America pussy .. but, that something does not happen, well, there's no way that she covered herself with a copper basin.

Russia alone can not win the United States, Russia simply has no money.
Russia has nothing to fight on, the Pacific fleet is rusty, the guns do not hit the targets on the exercises and this is not shown on the news. Two, three shots are enough money, and then NATO will bomb the European part of Russia and everything, the Siberian part will be easily occupied Japan and South Korea. That's how it will be.

But we should try to live in another country, and then be shameless. Most likely you are not capable of anything, therefore, the country does not suit you.

Eugene, with such desires in silence to leave their homeland, not to be ashamed to go back!

Yes, come on already, whiner, maybe they'll throw you a sugar stone.)

I generally hate my country. In the country, unemployment is corrupt. There would be an opportunity I would leave this country and not. Whenever he came back.

This is exactly the plus status of 6 and the statue of freedom will go under the water and do not scare us @

To you the same offer @

Are you smoking? Russia creates an airplane project for protection, but if you believe in inosems, then you are closer to USA

Jews control America as well. And there is no less trouble in politics and economics. Their hour is not far. To be quiet soon. Against them is the sex of the world. Many have not yet announced this loudly, but time is coming.

The Russians not only do not rule. They also do not work. Chinese Tajiks are working Uzbek Uzbeks and different Europeans with Koreans. Who else should manage this.

Judging by the fact that these warriors without cola and pampers do not retreat into battle, then having disconnected their satellites they will find their way to the specified goal, you can not piss.

and you touch Russia and you will see who is the master in the house.

You give a full-blooded economy 2. On the economy. (Historically transformed form of philosophy, representing: a) state (Functions are known)
b) Public (Production of Automation is an "energy source" of providing Automation of ALL FORMS OF PROPERTY ....)
c) Collective (Factories and factories of mass production-
"Mass" consumer Automation)
d) Shareholder.
e) Private
LAYER Roman kutsuyu! You give the country - INTENSIVE CONSTITUTION !!!

do not console yourself, with such control we ourselves will die-Stalin for thirty years the country raised from worse conditions plus war, and the present on the neck in the ground drives

The Russians do not control their country. They are ruled by Jews. That's why we see this whole circus.

Russian long ago it was necessary to make a similar statement about reconnaissance planes flying along Russian borders and ships that are plowing the world ocean near Russian borders.

you wait in your toilet and when you leave, you will see who will have the future and who does not. in Russian you write nastiness about the country which at least taught you to read and write. who you are that would be about the future to argue, the little fox of the sofa critic.


There are no extraterrestrial civilizations! There are only reptilians, who seized power in all developed countries and who are cursing ordinary people



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