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It became known about the emergency evacuation of terrorists from Idlib after the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces

Terrorists are urgently evacuated from Idlib after the actions of the Russian air forces.

The unexpected result given by the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces affected the fact that the militants began to urgently evacuate not only from Khan Sheikhun, but also from its immediate vicinity. The reason for this was not only the air strikes of the air force on the positions of the militants, but also the air attacks on the Turkish military convoy, to which the terrorists had high hopes.

In fact, at the moment, 90% of the militants previously stationed in Khan Sheikhun and its environs have already left their fortifications and moved northward, and therefore, the capture of this key settlement for the SAA can be completed within the next 24 hours.

According to some reports, the militants had hopes for the Turkish air force, which was supposed to strike at the concentration of the Syrian military, and thereby disrupt not only the offensive, but also create conditions for a counterattack. However, Russian fighters escort Syrian warplanes during attacks on terrorists, thereby depriving the Turkish military of the opportunity to do anything.

Turkey has already announced that Russia has disrupted all the agreements on Idlib, although in reality, since the moment of their conclusion, Turkey has not been able to fulfill any of the clauses of the agreement.

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