Su-35S is already in service with the Russian Air Force


Su-35S is already in service with the Russian Air Force

VV forces of Russia have got a new fighter. Unforgettable 35-I "drying" is already in operation. Earlier this year, 12 Su-35S were officially transferred to 23 Fighter Regiment in Dzemgi.


It is worth paying attention to the fact that this type of fighter will be operated simultaneously with the equally sensational novelty PAK FA.


Shoygu comment on the arrival of a new kind of fighter. He believes that the fighter has unique specifications and can perform a wide variety of military tasks. He said that currently Su-35S analogues in the world yet.


In addition, it is worth paying attention also to the fact that Shaygu considers this type of "drying" as the harbinger of a new - the fifth generation of Russian fighters. New developments will be made on the basis of existing achievements. But do not forget that 35С will not become the main platform of the new fighters. Features of this new fighter will be taken as the basis for the creation of the fifth generation of combat vehicles.


Thus, the Russian Air Force receives more new and modernized versions of fighters. This applies to both SU-35С, and PAK FA. Now developers can start developing new versions of combat aircraft, which will continue to protect the country's air safety. 



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