Kaliningrad Airport


Subsidized flights to Kaliningrad will be performed by six airlines

Six Russian airlines will start paying subsidized flights to Kaliningrad in May.

Avia.pro site became aware of the fact that the number of subsidized carriers include such companies as "Aeroflot", "Red Wings","Transaero","S7 Airlines","UTair"And" Ural Airlines ". So, now fly from Kaliningrad to Moscow will be only for 3800 rubles, and the ticket price for the route St. Petersburg - Kaliningrad - 3500 rubles, and this is taking into account all sorts of fees.

Subsidized airfares are expected to go on sale as early as May 15, and it is expected that most of them will be sold out in just a few days.

"Like" the expression TOTAL only 3800 to Moscow (one way). And from Moscow, apparently AZh 5000 to Simferopol and back



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