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Turkish drone "Kargu" struck at the territory of Armenia

A Turkish drone attacked the positions of the Armenian military.

For the first time since the end of the armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Karabakh, the Azerbaijani side used an attack drone to strike at the positions of the Armenian military. According to the data available to the news agency, we are talking about the Turkish kamikaze drone "Kargu", which was able to bypass the deployment area of ​​Armenia's air defense systems and successfully hit the positions of the Armenian military personnel.

“On August 11, from 08:29 to 08:58, the enemy used shock drones in the direction of the positions of the Artsakh Defense Army. There are no losses from the Armenian side, the press service of the Artsakh Defense Army reported. "Relevant information and facts about the incident were provided to the command of the Russian peacekeeping forces," the statement said. Experts from the "Telegram" -channel "Karabakh Records" note that the Azerbaijani side used Turkish-made shock drones ", - informs information and news edition "Infoteka 24".

It is noteworthy that the CSTO Secretary General arrived in the de-escalation area the day before. Immediately after his departure, the Azerbaijani side resumed shelling the territory of Armenia. The transition to the use of kamikaze drones can lead to new armed clashes in the region, especially since the Azerbaijani side completely ignores any demands from Russia to adhere to trilateral agreements.

It is necessary to clarify whether the blow was struck on the territory of Armenia or the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, where there are still Armenian servicemen.



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