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"A cannon fired at 348": military talks published after the Su-30 was shot down

There were negotiations of the military, proving that the Su-30 was shot down by its own fighter.

At the disposal of Russian TV channels were the data of the negotiations of the Russian military, proving the fact that the Su-30 fighter was shot down by another Russian military aircraft during training flights. According to publicly available data, the Su-35 fighter opened fire from a cannon, as a result of which the plane was damaged and the crew of the downed fighter had to eject.

First, the command "Fire" sounds. After that, the pilot of the SU-35 was supposed to shoot a photo, however, instead of the camera, a gun went off.

- Report what happened?

- 348 had a cannon fired.

Then the voice informant SU-30mk2 reports the failure of the aircraft's hydraulic systems and loss of control. The crew decides to eject.

Su-30 crashed near the village of Dornikovo on September 22. During the flight, two military aircraft Su-30 and Su-35 practiced the tactics of conducting air combat. The aircraft's cannons were supposed to be disabled, but for some reason the SU-35's "main caliber" went off.

, - informs "112".

At the moment, the fact remains unknown why the pilot of the Su-35 fighter in general decided to use an aircraft cannon, if he realized that the latter was discharged, and the battle was of a training nature.

According to preliminary data, a criminal case may be initiated at the moment, however, investigators still have to figure out the most important question - why the fighter's ammunition was not removed while servicing the aircraft on the ground.

The first time I hear that this can be soaked in aviation, having served in these troops for 25 years ... There was an incident on the ground, a techie during a check, an arbitrary shot ... And here! ... ?????