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Russia had half as many battle tanks as the United States

Russia had 2-2,5 times fewer tanks than the United States.

Despite the active supply of armored vehicles to the armament of the Russian army, it became known that in reality Russia possesses a relatively small number of tanks - the country has 2685 combat vehicles in service, of which the vast majority are tanks from the Soviet era. Thus, Russia is very much inferior in equipping troops with tanks, lagging behind the United States of America, which, according to various sources, are armed with from 6 to 7,5 thousand units of such equipment.

“The user altyn73 in a material published on the LiveJournal website, using information from open sources, disclosed the state of the tank forces of the Russian Armed Forces. “The total number of combat units listed [in the publication] above is 2685 machines. The total number of new and modernized tanks (produced in 2000 and later) in combat units is about 1200 units, or about 45 percent of the total, ”the report says. It also notes that "39 new tank battalions have been formed in the expiring decade, and 32 of them were deployed in the western and southern directions", and "the total number of deployed tanks has almost doubled", - about it сообщает Lenta.ru publication.

To what extent this information really corresponds - it is not known - there are no official comments on this matter from the representative of the Russian defense department, however, such a number of tanks is very, very small, in particular, there are more than 1300 tanks in service with the same neighboring Belarus, in service with Ukraine - about 1250 tanks, in service with Poland - about 1000 tanks.

according to my data, there are about 80 thousand tanks in russia ...

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Ew, where did such information from Western sources come from, or as I say babkino radio!)))

Different methods of calculation, the United States takes into account all tanks and those in the reserve and in the troops. In russia, they only take into account that they are on alert, for example, in reserve and conservation, only t72 10t.

Yes, Russia has a lot of tanks, but are they tanks or scrap metal? Are tanks still working 30 years after the fall of the USSR?

Fake news.
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What nonsense is this? the Kremlin has the largest number of tanks in the world, more than 10 thousand tanks and part of the reserve is a legacy from the USSR, the author will stop talking nonsense

The open storage bases in the scaffolding are full of tanks. I think if you take everything that is outdated and there will be more than 20000.

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Info for thought:
- during the war in Donbass, the ukrovoi declared that they had big problems in restoring the number of battle tanks, there was nothing to fight with,
- Uralvagonzavod modernizes 350 T-72B3 tanks a year, and this has been going on for several years. And then there are other tanks and other factories ..