The strike of a heavy planning bomb on the fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye region was caught on video

The drone captured on video the impact of a heavy glide bomb.

The video footage that appeared on the network captured a powerful bombing strike. According to Telegram channels, we are talking about the use of a universal planning and correction module equipped with a 1500-kilogram high-explosive aerial bomb.

On the video footage, you can see that the air bomb hits exactly the fortified area of ​​the Ukrainian army. This, taking into account the explosion that thundered, indicates that the blow was guaranteed to destroy the entire group of Ukrainian troops stationed here, moreover, along with equipment and weapons.

Judging by the huge fireball that rose to a height of several tens of meters and the shock wave that dispersed almost within a radius of 700-800 meters, the bomb had enormous power, however, such weapons have been actively used for several weeks, which allows them to quite successfully hit the most protected positions of the Ukrainian army.

It has not yet been possible to establish the exact area of ​​impact by means of geolocation, but, according to sources, a 20-meter funnel was formed at the site of the explosion, about 7-8 meters deep.


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