Ukraine was scared to "disappear from the radar" because of the Russian C-400

In Kiev, fear that the Russian C-400 will seize the Black Sea region.

Ukrainian analysts have expressed serious concerns about the Russian air defense systems C-400 “Triumph”, which in Kiev several months ago were called “inflated”, hinting at the fact that half of all air defense complexes located in Crimea are rubber models. According to experts, supplying C-400 to Turkey, Russia will not only be able to control most of the Black Sea region, believing that Moscow will have indirect control over these systems, but also lure one of Ukraine’s most important strategic partners - Turkey.

“It remains to hope that, despite minor adjustments, the course of our strategic partner, Turkey, will remain unchanged, and Ukraine will not disappear behind broad horizons of friendship with Russia from its radars”, - stated in Kiev.

In Ukraine, they emphasized that they respect Turkey’s intentions to protect its airspace, but at the same time, Turkey poses a certain threat to the integrity of NATO, which Ukraine intends to go to in the near future, which Petro Poroshenko let know a few days ago by signing .