Ukraine says it will send its fleet to the Mediterranean to contain Russia

In Ukraine, they announced the sending of their fleet to the Mediterranean Sea.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Taran announced that the Ukrainian side intends to join NATO special operations in the Mediterranean by sending its patrol boats here, and by 2023 to bring the flagship frigate Hetman Sagaidachny into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, allegedly to contain Russia in the region and participation in Operation Sea Defender.

“The Minister of Defense assured that even in the face of Russian aggression, Ukraine is and will be a reliable partner of the Alliance, which takes part in NATO-led operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan. In addition, next year, the Ukrainian Navy plans to join Operation Sea Defender in the Mediterranean with two Island-class patrol boats received from the United States as part of a security assistance package, and in 2023 to involve the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy in the operation frigate "Getman Sagaidachny" ", - about it сообщает Ukrainian news agency "UNIAN".

What exactly is the need to contain Russia, the Ukrainian defense department did not specify, however, experts adhere to the version that the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is nothing more than posturing.

“It is very interesting how Ukraine intends to restrain Russian ships in the Mediterranean with its two patrol boats and a frigate, which is used only for sea trips. The very fact of what caused the containment of Russia a thousand kilometers from the borders of Ukraine raises no less questions.- Asks a specialist.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry also announced that from 2021 it is planned to start implementing plans for Ukraine's accession to NATO.

Sho, frigate, where is it? That trough that floats with difficulty? Calling it a frigate is just a shame! Disgrace the ship class and call the trough a frigate! Canoe, yes. It is necessary to equip with a unique, innovative rowing device like an oar, and develop to a galley at least ...

The best deterrent is the Ukrainian defense canoe - Unique floating. a tool developed many millennia ago in Ukraine. Therefore, all existing watercraft take their history from the same canoe, but it has not lost its relevance in the XNUMXst century!
A massive swim on the Ukrainian canoe will hold back any enemy, since all the water will be displaced and drained out, and the ship will simply get stuck in the attack of the Ukrainian canoe

Thanks for the humor. Laughed for a long time ....))

It's simple: if the frigate sank at the quay wall - that would be a disgrace to the Navy. And if in the Mediterranean - then death for democracy. And it will be possible to ask in return for at least something more floating than decommissioned minesweepers. And boats - so .. for an escort. Like, not one frigate, but the Ukrainian fleet!