Ukrainian military filmed the destruction of their positions by rocket and artillery strike

A large-scale rocket and artillery strike destroyed the positions of Ukrainian troops.

A Ukrainian serviceman filmed the moment of destruction of his positions by powerful rocket and artillery fire. Judging by the video footage and the words of the cameraman, the losses on the destroyed positions can be enormous - in a few seconds, more than 30 strikes with the use of cannon and rocket artillery fell on the positions.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of a powerful rocket and artillery strike. Judging by the number of plumes of smoke rising and the strikes still going on, the positions of the Ukrainian military were literally swept away, although it is impossible to assess the consequences of such strikes on video. In total, at least 30 strikes were counted, however, due to the fact that only a single fragment is presented on the video, the number of strikes can be much larger, especially considering the fact that both cannon and rocket artillery worked.

Judging by the exclamation of the Ukrainian serviceman, the losses in this region can be very serious - according to a number of data, we are talking about the destruction of a fortified area that was built in order to counter the offensive.