Trump and rocket


Ultimatum Moscow? Trump demanded that Russia destroy all nuclear weapons

The US president demanded that Russia get rid of nuclear weapons.

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, delivered a speech in which he demanded that Russia get rid of all existing nuclear weapons. With a similar appeal, Donald Trump addressed not only to Russia, but also to the DPRK, as well as to China.

“Today, I watched President Putin say that he was glad to have the opportunity to help with Kim Jong-un and North Korea. We all want and must destroy nuclear weapons. Russia must destroy, China must destroy, - said the American leader.

Remarkable is the fact that Trump did not mention the United States and his partners in this list, which is especially relevant against the background of the recent statement by the Pentagon about its readiness to deliver nuclear strikes anywhere and at any time, as well as against the background of intentions to deploy American nuclear weapons in Europe.

“Russia and China are the main deterrent of the United States. If Washington decides to use nuclear weapons, then Russia and China simply “throw” the territory of the United States of America with nuclear warheads, from which, it must be admitted, Washington has no means of protection. Denial of nuclear weapons is possible, but not in the current geopolitical situation. ”, - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that Moscow has so far not responded to Trump's statement.

Immediately recall Khimprom Volgograd.

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One unpleasant thought and a couple of hundred years will have to mess with relocation.

He probably also wants to make a deal with the destruction of chemical weapons, and maybe he wants to go with the preparation of the destruction of weapons-grade plutonium))) Nu-nu.

Well, makes the Pope the devil, the exceptional start of war games.
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All our nuclear missiles must be sent to the States on their own.

Trump demanded something there? From RUSSIA?
Demand from Melanie will ... and with Russia it is necessary to negotiate
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you need to send nuclear weapons to America under its own power so that these donkeys are convinced that Russia is destroying their missiles


Trump behaves like a network bot, it is impossible to understand whether this is a person or a robot. This gives the network! And in the negotiations - darling. Maybe he loves the world community? Or sometimes falls out of reality?
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Open your pocket wider, resident of a poor Ukraine! 5 years ago you screamed, leaving the Crimea: - America is with us! So what? America did not want to die for you America and the slogan have already forgotten: - Assad must leave! Forgotten, after they got the game from Russia - Trump's new and smart missiles, like peas, fell to the ground under the blows of the old Russian air defense systems, in the hands of the Syrians! And two Hatchets were gently landed with the help of EW and, having shown to journalists, were sent to Moscow.

the US is the masters of the world .. what our orders will be and will do

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