More than 2,5 thousand Russian tourists are stuck at Dubai airport

As a result of heavy rain and hurricane in the UAE, there was a massive cancellation of flights, due to which about 2500 Russian tourists were blocked at Dubai airport. The situation at the airport was complicated by the fact that there were practically no free waiting places left, many had to find temporary shelter right on the floor of the terminal.

According to sources, among those stuck at the airport there are pregnant women and families with children. Conditions for waiting for flights are becoming increasingly difficult: the lounges are stuffy, access to drinking water is limited, and food vouchers and hotel accommodations are not available to all affected passengers. Moreover, the situation is worsening and an increase in the number of Russian tourists at the airport awaiting departure is expected.

Communication with tour operators is also difficult: many tourists cannot reach their representatives for information or assistance. This creates additional stress among passengers forced to spend an indefinite amount of time at the airport.

Flydubai announced in the evening that it was canceling all flights until the next morning due to ongoing bad weather. Many flights have been delayed by more than a day, meaning some passengers will have to spend the entire next day at the airport. At the same time, the organization of meals and overnight accommodation for some passengers remains at their own discretion.


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