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Is nuclear weapons returning to Belarus?

In Belarus can deploy nuclear forces.

During the visit of the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to Belarus, Sergei Shoigu and Andrei Ravkov touched on the topic of strategic military partnership between the two countries. It was mainly about the implementation of the Plan of joint measures to ensure the military security of the Union State.

The main question concerned the deployment of the US military in Poland, in connection with which Belarus and Russia should take appropriate measures to ensure security.

“The plans of the Polish government to place on their permanent basis a division of the US Armed Forces on their territory are counterproductive and not conducive to maintaining stability and strengthening regional security. Under these conditions, we are forced to take retaliatory measures and must be prepared to neutralize possible military threats in all directions. ”, - said Sergey Shoigu.

Nevertheless, according to experts, tensions at the Belarusian border, as well as at the border of the Union State, will continue to grow, and therefore, nuclear weapons can be deployed on the territory of Belarus, however, this measure is extreme, and it will be implemented only when subject to strong military pressure from the West.

“The answer could be the transfer to Belarus of one or several brigades of Iskander tactical missile systems, which are used by the RF ground forces in the Western Military District, and perhaps in the Central Military District. At a speed of 70 kilometers per hour with a power reserve of one thousand kilometers, in 12-15 hours Iskander complexes from the territory of the Western Military District can arrive on the territory of Belarus on their own and within a few tens of minutes can be prepared to fire. <...> If this is not a temporary raid, but placement on a permanent basis, hangars will be needed to accommodate military equipment, repair zones will be needed, and most importantly, a barracks fund to accommodate personnel. The rest of the infrastructure in Belarus is present, which provides ample room for maneuver "- said military expert Alexander Alesin.

Nevertheless, the likelihood that Belarus will go to such measures remains practically unrealistic, which is due to the intentions of this state to have partnership relations not only with Russia, but also with the West.

“Belarus is a peace-loving state, striving to stay detached, exclusively within its own interests. The authorities of this country are well aware that if nuclear weapons appear on the territory of Belarus, and the Iskanders have the ability to use nuclear warheads, then Western weapons will be aimed not only at Russia, but also at Belarus. ”, - the analyst underlines.

Then they will get cancer in front of the EU and the US

For those who are especially gifted, if Belarusians want to get a war on their own or over their territory, then let them defend on their own, and if they are on their border with Poland, they will avoid many problems, including the war on their own territory.

Yes, there is no need to pull everyone into a single state. Open borders and good relationships are enough. A single state is needed only by those who can "milk" it for the common population of Russia.

Maybe not bad, but many of them are looking askance at Russia. They are closer to the Poles.

In this case, Belarus will fall completely under the influence of the Russian Federation and Pu, and they need it ?!

It said the provocateur

Allied state?
But what about the recognition of Apsny and South Ossetia? No, "daddy" does not want to? Then why does the "father" need our oil and gas at "thieves" prices?
Or to the smart, or to the beautiful, there is no third. Or a union state, or mutually beneficial cooperation. With the sanctions for the supply of military products maydanutym neighbors.

Belorussians like the guys are not bad, but the older ones are not reliable. It would be good to remove them, away from sin. I think it’s not necessary to delay. That's for example, Babich, he loves Belarusians.

The strategy of logs is simple and unpretentious: to provide Russia with maximum problems in absorbing Belarus.
It was about these characters Lavrov and said his famous Khe-Khe.
It is assumed that the back there fuck everything apart, not without their help, and then we will come to restore everything and get stuck, let them take a closer look at the outskirts, what they wanted would lead to ...

The term “annexation, in the Polish vision of this situation, sounds again ... But not“ annexation ”, but a return to the sources, when Belarus, as an area, will be part of Russia, as it has been for a long time. There is nothing unnatural in this, rather, on the contrary, taking into account the dependence of Belarus on Russia, in the economic sense, preserved from the times of the USSR! One people must live, no matter what they say, under one government - in one country!



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