Explosions have been heard in Donetsk since noon

At least 15 explosions have thundered in Donetsk since noon.

The Ukrainian military is conducting a massive shelling of Donetsk with the use of artillery, and according to a number of sources, with the use of rocket weapons. At the moment, at least 15 thundered explosions are known, as a result of which there are destructions on the territory of the city, and some areas are actually covered with smoke.

On the video footage published by the residents of Donetsk, you can see the moment of strikes on the city. As a result of the Ukrainian attack, the roofs of residential buildings on Mira Avenue and the car park were damaged. It is known that the Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk were shelled. Information about the victims and victims of the strikes is not yet available. At the same time, the Ukrainian side did not take responsibility for the attack.

It is known that the attacks on Donetsk were carried out purposefully, however, due to the lack of objective data from the scene. At the same time, apparently, only two waves of shelling were carried out.


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