In Estonia the profit of the Polish Air Force for "Spring Storm"


In Estonia the profit of the Polish Air Force for "Spring Storm"

16th of May. Units of the Polish Air Force arrived in Estonia for further participation in the annual exercises of NATO countries "Spring Storm" in the amount of three fighters Su-22 And one transport aircraft with military and equipment. Such information was given by the head of the Estonian Air Force military headquarters Riivo Valge.

In total, over 100 people will take part in the exercises from Poland. Also the air base at Ämari was reinforced by the Polish air defense system. The Polish contingent will dispose of more than 40 units of equipment.  
The exercises "Spring Storm" launched 5 May and completed 23. 11 held at times and are the largest in the number of employees in the history of Estonia, as they involved more than 6 thousand soldiers. Apart from Poland sent its members the United States, United Kingdom, France, Lithuania.

The increased number of servicemen taking part in the maneuvers is due to the Alliance's concern over the situation in Ukraine. Particularly concerned are the Baltic republics, whose strength is insignificant. Also, NATO is concerned about Russia's desire to conduct exercises on the eastern border of Ukraine, so the "Spring Storm" maneuvers can be called an asymmetric response, by which it probes the situation on the northwestern border of Russia.




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