Irkutsk Airport


In the Irkutsk airport, accumulated dozens of passengers

The Russian air carrier sold more tickets for the flight, which allows the passenger capacity of the aircraft.

Dozens of passengers from Irkutsk to Moscow had to wait in Irkutsk airport another passenger airliner due to the fact that the airline has sold much more tickets on its flight than the passenger capacity of the aircraft allows. These events provoked a real fit of anger among the passengers, since the airline had created by no means favorable conditions, including with regard to further connections in flights in Moscow.

The representative of the domestic air carrier, in turn, noted that within a few hours all passengers who purchased air tickets will be provided with an additional aircraft, however, the airline's clients were very skeptical about such a statement.

News remain unknown to all the circumstances of what happened, because the management of flights shedule not commented on the situation, and therefore should assume that the actions of the airline could be intentional, but it is possible that the culprit could be and computer crashes.


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