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Israel admits air defense attack on Israeli F-35 fighters

Israel confirmed the "resistance" of F-35 fighters against air defense systems "Hamas".

Israel confirmed that the adopted F-35 Adir fighter was able to successfully withstand the air defense of the Palestinian movement Hamas, which confirms the information previously published by the resource that anti-aircraft guided missiles were fired at this Israeli combat aircraft (presumably , we are talking about the "Wasp" or "Arrow" complex - ed.), and although the latter did not hit the target, it is obvious that the IDF fighters were detected by radar stations.

“The Israel Defense Forces launched a major offensive against Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip after hundreds of shells were fired from the area against Israeli cities. According to IDF spokesman Hidaya Zilberman, about 80 fighters took part in the operation, including improved F-35s. Israel's Adir, a heavily modified version of the F-35 stealth fighter, has proven its resilience against Hamas. ", - according to the newspaper "Daily Star".

What exactly should be understood as "durability" is not specified directly, however, it is obvious that we are talking about the fact that the fighter managed to dodge the launched missile

Earlier it became known that short-range air defense systems appeared in the armament of the Palestinian radicals, and, on the very first day of the IDF air strikes, it became known about their use against F-35 fighters.

And what are the Russian air defenses doing with the Hamas terrorists?

Really? )))))))))))))

Against the f-35, this is not air defense, but self-indulgence !!!

Air defense attack))) Read what air defense is and whether defense can be considered an attack)))

And where in the message about the air defense?

As always, with a finger to the sky. "Wasp", even if it is in Hamas, is not capable of hitting a modern fighter.