Another supersonic shock drone will appear in Russia

The Russian military is busy developing yet another heavy attack drone.

In the near future, in addition to the heavy attack drone "Okhotnik", another drone of this class will appear in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces. This became known against the background of a demonstration of a scale model of the drone itself, which is quite similar to the S-70 Hunter, but has its own key qualities.

In the presented image, you can see a large-scale model of a Russian heavy attack drone. The drone has no name yet, while the UAV is positioned as a promising reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle. The drone is being developed by RSK MiG, and, apparently, the drone will be ready for testing within the next 2-3 years.

When comparing the RSK MiG drone and the Okhotnik strike drone, you can indeed see a fairly large number of identical design solutions, however, in reality, the drones have much more differences. Moreover, it is known that the RSK MiG drone will be primarily intended for use on aircraft carriers.

“The model of a promising drone is very reminiscent of the Skat strike drone, which MiG has been developing since the beginning of the 2s. The UAV in the form of a "flying wing" has an unusual tail unit - an inverted V, like the Turkish Bayraktar TB-XNUMX. It is assumed that the drone will take off from the deck of the aircraft carrier after the fighter. But in what way is unclear. Today, the Russian Navy has only one aircraft-carrying ship - the Admiral Kuznetsov heavy cruiser, equipped with a springboard. However, the projects of other aircraft carriers provide for a catapult, which greatly simplifies takeoff. ", - RIA Novosti news agency reports.

How long it is planned to implement this project is unknown.

A drone without weapons can board a ship vertically in a special container and from which it can roll out onto a ship ..., for equipping with ammunition and a new vertical takeoff ...