The first ground-based version of the "Caliber" complex was spotted in Russia

For the first time since withdrawing from the INF Treaty, the Russian military noticed a ground-based version of the Caliber complex.

After the demand of Russian President Vladimir Putin to create a ground-based version of the tactical missile system "Caliber", based on the US withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, it became known that such complexes could already appear in service with the Russian army.

Thus, according to the information provided by the Telegram-community "Military Informant", the Iskander-K complex was seen on the roads of Voronezh, which in the United States was called the ground version of the Kalibr tactical missile system. If the proposals are correct, then the ground version of the Caliber complex can be tested by the end of the year, while earlier the source also reported on testing the ground version of the Dagger complex.

“On the roads of Voronezh, the Iskander-K complex with 9M728 (R-500) cruise missiles was lit up. These complexes belong to the 119th missile brigade, which is deployed in the village of Elansky, Sverdlovsk region. BB due to its time (2018), this missile aroused some suspicion from the American side. Fears were caused by the fact that the Americans suspect that the 9M728 (R-500) cruise missile is a "land" version of the Caliber and is capable of flying, to put it mildly, a little more than the INF Treaty (it is supposed to be no more than 500 km), " message.

The photographs presented show that we are really talking about this complex.

We take an image of the standard 9P78-1 launcher of the Iskander-M complex. We compare, and we see that this is not any "Caliber", but the usual operational-tactical KR 9M728 R-500K. "Caliber" is about a meter longer and just won't fit into 9P78-1. Even under about half a meter longer 9M729, a new SPU was needed. Accordingly, the SPU will be different there.