Two planes fully loaded with passengers almost collided in Moscow

At the capital's Vnukovo airport, two planes miraculously escaped a head-on collision.

This morning, the information resource obtained information that on April 7, 2021, two passenger planes, moving at a speed of about 50 km / h, miraculously escaped a collision at Moscow's Vnukovo airport. on one of the sections of the taxiway. The collision was avoided, however, the planes dispersed at a distance of only one and a half meters and only after emergency braking.

According to the information resource "Baza", the incident became known only now, although the incident was of a very serious nature, and, most likely, the incident occurred due to the negligence of the airport employees.

“At the Vnukovo airport, two planes almost collided at a speed of about 40-50 kilometers per hour. Liners "Pobeda" and airline "Aviastar" simultaneously found themselves on the same section of taxiways. Vnukovo's special services are investigating the circumstances of the incident that took place at the airport on April 757th. The pilots of the Boeing 737 "Aviastar" were forced to slow down literally "to the floor", as their path was suddenly crossed by the Boeing-XNUMX "Pobeda". The planes - the cockpit of one and the wing of the other - were separated by about one and a half to two meters. The pilot of Aviastar later stated that he simply had no opportunity to see another plane in advance because of the specific location of taxiways, ”the information resource said.

According to the information and news agency, at the moment, an investigation is being carried out into the incident in order to establish not only the perpetrators of the emergency, but to identify all the circumstances of the incident, especially against the background of the statement about the specific location of the taxiways.

It should be noted that there are no official comments from the representatives of the Moscow Vnukovo airport on this matter so far.

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