LRASM rocket launch


The US boasted of its own analogue of the Russian Zircon missile

In the USA, they created an analogue of the Russian Zircon rocket, which has a range of up to 930 kilometers.

Information publications report on the successful testing of the American anti-ship missile LRASM, which, it is claimed, is almost a complete analogue of the Russian anti-ship missile Zircon, which is capable of hitting sea targets at distances up to 930 kilometers, however, it is not capable of developing hypersonic speed.

Despite the fact that the rocket is not hypersonic, experts expressed serious concerns about its appearance, since it poses a serious threat to Russian warships.

“Almost a thousand kilometers is a huge distance from which it is possible to successfully sink ships with a displacement of up to 5000 tons, while remaining invulnerable to enemy air defense systems. Considering that the rocket has electronic countermeasures and its flight is controlled by AI, it could be a serious threat. ", - the expert marks.

At the moment, it is known that the carrier of the American LRASM anti-ship missile is the B-1B Lancer bomber.