Military coup Sudan


Military coup d'etat in Sudan

A coup d'état took place in Sudan - the military seized power.

There was a military coup in Sudan tonight. A group of military men blocked roads and access to government offices, after which they surrounded the home of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk and placed him under arrest. An attempt by the supporters of the current government to resist escalated into very serious clashes in the capital of Sudan - fierce clashes are observed here.

At the moment, it is known that all communications are completely disconnected in the capital of Sudan: mobile and wired communications, Internet access, and the military controls television and radio.

According to local sources, there are powerful clashes between supporters and opponents of the authorities in the country. The coup d'etat itself was being prepared by the military, opposing the state authorities, for several months. After at least two unsuccessful attempts, the rebel military succeeded in realizing the seizure of power. The situation on the territory of this African state is currently very acute.

At the moment, there are armored vehicles and military checkpoints on the streets of Khartoum, and intense shooting can be heard in various parts of the capital.