Ship at sea


The Venezuelan ship that the Americans tried to seize turned out to be Russian

The attempt to seize the largest ship in Venezuela turned out to be too tough for the United States - the "Russians" are already on it.

One of the largest oil tankers in Venezuela, which was previously actively proposed to be seized by the US military in order to deprive Venezuela of the ability to transport oil and oil products, can no longer be seized by the US military - the Russian flag is already flying over it.

“The largest oil supertanker in Venezuela has changed its name and is now on the Russian register. It should be noted that this is a precedent for the country. Of the 800 ships that have ever flown under the Venezuelan flag, only twice have they crossed over to another jurisdiction - Liberia and Panama. Writes about this RBC. The VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) class tanker with a deadweight of 320,8 thousand tons, previously named Ayacucho in May of this year, became "Maxim Gorky". Thus, Russia may have acquired its largest tanker. It can hold 2 million barrels of oil ", - about it сообщает edition of the Moscow Komsomolets.

In other words, if the United States tries to intercept a supertanker using force, Russia may well position it as an aggression and start seizing American tankers - the Russian military will have enough forces and means for this.

For what purposes it is planned to use the oil tanker is not known, however, experts do not exclude that it may be used to transport refined oil to Venezuela.

There is just a trick, since Soviet times, to show the bow of the submarine along the course of the ship.

Doesn't it bother you that the 29th doesn't carry the Dagger? therefore, what you say is nonsense.

What does TRY TO CAPTURE mean? Did you just "dream" or have you already boarded?

a moment -29 with a dagger will be enough.

Now it will be used to fuel Russian cruise missiles installed in Venezuela.

you don't need to grab anything, you just need to stop the American gas carriers from Qatar ..