Vietnam criticized the Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense system

Vietnam reacted to the Russian S-500 "Prometheus" system with great skepticism.

Despite the demonstration of tests of the latest Russian air defense / missile defense system S-500 "Prometheus", during which, according to experts, the anti-missile system was able to accelerate to hypersonic speed, Vietnam decided to criticize Russian weapons, calling them not good enough to withstand the threat of missile strikes.

According to Vietnamese experts, the Russian system is definitely the most long-range in the world. But they believe that its effectiveness, like the effectiveness of the preceding S-400 and S-300, is under a big question: such complexes will not be enough to oppose something to the United States.

“The S-500 was originally conceived and designed to deal with a variety of air targets, including ballistic missiles, aircraft and cruise missiles. Like many Russian air defense systems, the S-500 can launch a variety of missiles that depend on the range and height of air threats. While recent tests show that the S-500 project is going according to plan, it remains to be seen if it will enter service by 2025 as currently planned. After all, the United States is rapidly modernizing its strategic nuclear forces and developing new strategic and tactical weapons systems, including cruise and ballistic missiles, and new missile launchers. In any case, Russia's S-500 can play an important role in intercepting at medium ranges, but achieving powerful air defense capabilities is a very difficult issue and almost impossible. Therefore, in order to be able to fight American missiles, Russia needs to continue to rapidly develop more advanced air defense systems. ", - reports the Vietnamese edition "Soha"

On the other hand, to date, it is known that Russia plans to adopt a large number of such complexes specifically to cover the main directions from the attacks of the United States and Washington's allies, in this connection, the arguments of Vietnamese specialists are nothing more than guesses.

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And rightly so, in the courtyard of 2021, in Russia they still frighten the whole world with outdated S-300, changing the numbers to 500))

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in Syria, they also say that the S-300s do not save them from Jewish strikes ... the Russian Federation should improve its military power, and not as here in the comments (only skepticism).

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Well, the Vietnamese are notable manufacturers of missile defense systems, where can we compete with them, they also have a boomerang.

whether it's the famous Vietnamese complexes, well, how are they there ... oh shit they don't exist)))) Pro / air defense systems have not heard about the separation of the pro / air defense systems))) A-235-s 500-s 400/350-s 300 and etc. this is a whole complex of systems, each responsible for its own line of interception ...

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In general, the final conclusion - "Russia needs to continue to rapidly develop more advanced air defense systems" is absolutely correct.

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If the Vietnamese write any nonsense. This means that either they have a more advanced air defense / missile defense system and for more effective use of the Russian Aerospace Forces of their supernova S-500 complexes. Russia should buy from the Vietnamese their longer-range system at the level of something like our C600 or C700 ???

For them, everything Russian is extremely bad. Whether it is Patriot.
A war with the United States in the distant past is today Vietnam's main and only friend.

* Therefore, in order to be able to fight American missiles, Russia needs to continue to rapidly develop more advanced air defense systems, "- reports the Vietnamese newspaper Soha *
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